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Talejiro Hasegawa (1950 - )


Born 1950, Aichi, Japan. Goldsmith. From a family of official tsubashi of the Owari Tokugawa family, he took the name Ichimousai as a goldsmith of tea ceremony utensils from the Meiji era. Born as the second son of Hasegawa Ichimousai Shunsui II, studied metal forging under Sekiya Shiro, a living national treasure, in 1968, and from 1980 began exhibiting as Hasegawa Takejiro in various places, and assumed the name of Ichimousai Shunko III in 1994. His modern and sophisticated tea ceremony utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.


<Solo exhibition>

2006 "Takejiro's Museum"

2008 "The World of Hasegawa Takejiro - Pleasant Forms".

2010 "Takejiro's Tool Book"

2011 "Forms of Abundance"

2014 "Faraway Silk Road"

2016 "Takejiro’s Museum 2016"

2019 “Gachusanka: The World of Takejiro's Yearning"

2021 "The world of Takejiro Hasegawa"

<Group exhibitions>

2009 "Return from Egypt", "'Mobile', moving sculptures by ten artists"

2012 "About Utsuwa", "Lucky Objects".

2013 "The book as ART; images or extracted forms of books" 

2015 "something new,with feel art 10"

2019 "Toru Tsuji memorial exhibition - Utsutsu -"

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