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Mourning Exhibition Toru Tsuji


2019.4.13 - 4.28


Toru Tsuji

Koichi Uchida

Kaji Nanako

Naoko Kato

Mitsugu Sato

Hiroto Nakanishi

Takejiro Hasegawa

Kayo Miyashita

In April of last spring, photographer Toru Tsuji [1945-2018] passed away. When the exhibition "Toki" was held three years ago, many visitors were overwhelmed by the tranquil scenes flowing through the venue and the world view of the artist, which can be said to be a sign. The beauty that Tsuji pursued is in casual days, and I think that it was the origin of the image that continues to flow in the depths of the writer's retina or memory, the theory of the universe that disappears someday.

"-Even the grass on the side of the road and the pebbles under your feet are soaked in water, and the feelings are connected to the sponge and the magnificent cosmic cosmos, which makes you euphoric.-" Excerpt from the book of collection of  his works "Toki"

As Tsuji wrote, a farm tool hut lit by the slightest sun in the dusk, a decaying earthen wall that seems to be forgotten in the corner of the street, every subject has this delicate and pure affection. Discovered by a photographer with an overflowing gaze, the momentary "time" was engraved.

This time, I would like to introduce a small but talented fragment of the huge work left by this rare artist. This time, under the name of "Utsutsu", the world reflected by Toru Tsuji through his filter will appear. It also seems to give a glimpse of his quest for this world, sometimes with humor and illusion.

In addition to the photographs of Toru Tsuji, seven artists who had a close relationship with him exhibited their works as a homage to Toru Tsuji. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Reiko Mori and volunteers for their cooperation in holding the event. And above all, I took many of the exhibition guides of Gallery NAO MASAKI during my lifetime, and with my heartfelt gratitude and respect to Mr. Toru Tsuji who co-created through the photographs.

We are very fortunate to be able to feel this precious opportunity together. We sincerely look forward to the visit of many people.


Nao Masaki


Toru Tsuji


Born in Tokyo in 1945. Wander around the country without waiting for the kindergarten graduation. Due to the divorce of his parents, he has worked part-time in more than 30 industries. Dropped out after 7 years at Nihon University College of Art. Participated in the editing of distribution and transportation related PR magazines, and was involved in shooting. While seeking his own expression that goes beyond work and is not bound by commercial rhythm, he arrived at the fragility of the universe, and since then he has continued to take photographs with that fragility as his standard of value. At April 2018, passed away.

At Gallery NAO MASAKI 

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