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Metalworking Chasing metal  / Takejiro Hasegawa (1950 ~)

Takejiro Museum 2016


Welcome to Takejiro Museum 2016

Ten years ago, the "Takejiro Museum" was held in 2006, when there was still feel art zero  in the skylark of Hachiko.

Many people, including myself, were thrilled with the expectation and excitement of looking into the treasure chest.

I remember feeling that kind of feeling.

This time, we will introduce a series of antiques collected by Mr. Takejiro as tea utensils, and carefully selected items from valuable works produced in the past, focusing on accessories such as excavated items with more than 50 items. The "Takejiro Museum" is filled with the playfulness and skill of Mr. Takejiro Hasegawa, which attracts both amateurs and experts, changes places, and does not change over time. Please enjoy yourself.

Nao Masaki


Takejiro Hasegawa
Born in Aichi prefecture. Metalworker. A family of tsuba masters of the Owari-Tokugawa family, he has been named Ichibosai as a tea utensils metalworker since the Meiji era.

Born as the second son of the second generation, Kazushige Hasegawa, Saishun Shoten, in 1968, studied forging under the late Shiro Sekiya, a living national treasure.

Since 1980, he has held exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa, and in 1994, he was named the third generation Saishun Shoten.

Modern and sophisticated tea utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.



<Solo exhibition>

2006 "Takejiro Museum"

2008 "The World of Takejiro Hasegawa-Fun Shape-"

2010 "Takejiro's Tool Picture Book"

2011 "Shape of fertility"

2014  "The Far Silk Road"

<Special Exhibition>

2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition" "Mobile Sculpture by Ten Artists"

2012 "About the container" "Lucky thing exhibition"

2013 "The book as ART; the image of a book or the extracted shape."

2015 "something new with feel art 10 "

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