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The world of Takejiro Hasegawa

Takejiro Hasegawa

2021. 11.6 (Sat) --11.21 (Sun)

One day, when I visited Mr. Takejiro's workshop, he made tea as usual, and then he said, "I have always been wondering. What is in the foreground looks big, What's over there looks small. When I take a picture, the car that's running is stopped but looks like it's running. This is strange and irresistible. I've been wondering why. " The teacher was silent as the people there laughed. Whenever I come across such a scene, I am truly astonished and trembled from the bottom of my heart that such a thing is born because of this person. From a boyish sincere look and exceptional skill as a forger, we see that all the miraculous moments that casually exist in nature are born in front of us in a very lovely sparkle. ..


Nao Masaki


Takejiro Hasegawa    

Born in Aichi prefecture. Metalworker. A family of tsuba masters of the Owari-Tokugawa family, he has been named Ichibosai as a tea utensils metalworker since the Meiji era. Born as the second son of Saishun Shoten, the second generation Hasegawa, he studied forging under the late Sekiya Shiro, a living national treasure in 1968. Since 1980, he has held exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa, and in 1994, he was named the third generation Saishun Shoten. Modern and sophisticated tea utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.



<Solo Exhibition>

2006 "Takejiro Museum"

2008 "Hasegawa Takejiro's World-Fun Shapes"

2010 "Takejiro's Tool Picture Book"

2011 "Fertility Shape"

2014 "Haruka Naru Silk Road"

2016 "Takejiro Museum"

2019“ My Nakayama River Takejiro's Longing World ”

<Group Exhibition>

2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition", "Mobile" Moving Sculptures by Ten Artists "

2012" About Containers "," Auspicious Things Exhibition "

2013" The book as ART; "

2015" gallery's eye -the power to choose- "," something new, with feel art 10 "

2019" Toru Tsuji Memorial Exhibition -Present- "

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