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The book as ART ; An image of a book, or an extracted form.

Yoshio Kuriki / Mitsugu Sato / Takejiro Hasegawa

Kayo Miyashita / Megumi Yamamoto


When I was little, I often got into the world of books and couldn't get out.

Sometimes it takes us to a world of imagination that jumps over reality.

Even now, as an adult, I still remember that feeling of excitement.


The book as ART exhibition will be held in five locations in Nagoya and its suburbs.

This time, lined up here at feel art zero are neverending stories imagined and created by five artists.

The creators are never bound by the format of the book.

What I hoped for artists is that excitement that exists in the very existence of “books” that each person finds.

Or the imagination itself.


It's a very interesting opportunity to actually see the world inside the minds of artists like this.

It would be greatly appreciated if everyone who visited us on the autumn day of reading could fully read the world view of these five rare artists.


Nao Masaki


Yoshio Kuriki

1950 Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture 1981 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, majoring in sculpture

Solo Exhibition 2006 Seto City Museum of Art (Aichi) 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 GALLERY M (Aichi) 2010 Taguchi Art (Gifu) 2012 Künstlergruppe arche (Germany) Group Exhibition 1986 Various Spatial Expressions (Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art) 1988 Feeling House (Mie Museum of Art), City, Space and Wood Exhibition (Nagoya City Art Museum) 2006 International workshop forvisual artist Remisen (Denmark) 2010 Art terra workshop Hannover (Germany) 2011 ART NAGOYA 2011 (Gallery M) 2012 ART FAIR TOKYO 2012 (Taguchi Art), ART NAGOYA 2012 (Gallery M)

Mitsugu Sato

1971 Born in Osaka 1992 Dropped out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts 1994 Wandered from China to Asian countries, the United States, Central and South American countries 1998 After moving to Wakayama City, resumed artist activity using [driftwood] Solo Exhibition> 2005-07, 10 -13 iTohen (Osaka), 2005,2009 Pantalon (Osaka) Traveling Exhibition lim Art (Tokyo), Exhibition / I want the moon. SEWING TABLE COFFEE (Osaka) 2006 Traveling Exhibition Colon Books (Nagoya), Traveling Exhibition /Morning SEWING TABLE COFFEE (Osaka) 2007 Traveling Exhibition Morioka Shoten (Tokyo) Group Exhibition 2011 Midwifery Techniques of Nature / MAIEUTIKE Creation of the Wild Bakurocho ART+EAT (Tokyo) 2012 Position 2012 Nagoya Expression Art _ Invited exhibition (Nagoya City Art Museum) gallery feel art zero (now Gallery NAO MASAKI) - Solo Exhibition 2009,2011  Group Exhibition 2012 Furniture exhibition by artists 


Kayo Miyashita

Born in Nagoya in 1964. In 1985, graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in design. After graduating from university, engaged in design work at manufacturers and design offices. In 1995, he exhibited at Koubo kara Kaze (Chiba) and started making things mainly using paper and wire. Since then, he has been active in solo exhibitions and craft fairs.  At gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI) - Exhibition 2012 Eleventh Paper Exhibition


Megumi Yamamoto

1972 Born in Osaka 1993 Graduated from information design course at Nara College of Art 1993 - 2010 Solo and group exhibitions mainly in Kansai Major Exhibitions 1993 Laforet Harajuku 6th Art Performance New Face Award (Ehime) 1993 - 2005 Ashiya City Exhibition 1996 Board of Education Award, 1997 50th Commemorative Award, 2002 Bijutsu Kyokai Award (Hyogo) 1994 - 1996 Uple ART Studio Exhibition 94 - 96 Honorable Mention(Osaka) 1995 100 Western Paintings Wakayama Grand Prize Exhibition ( Wakayama) 1996, 1997 Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art) 1996 Tenri Biennale (Nara), Ube Painting Biennale Asahi Shimbun Award (Yamaguchi) 1997 Kumagai Morikazu Grand Prize Exhibition (Gifu) 1998 / 2000 International 2000 Excellence Award (Aichi) 1998 REMISE-AKADEMI 98 Workshop (Denmark) 2000 THE WRITING ON THE WALL-EUROPE YEAR2000 (Belgium) 2002 Imagining the Book (Egypt) 2004 Art Base Nall Artist Exchange Exhibition (Osaka) 2005 Imaj ining the Book 2 (Egypt),;Ruins and Creation Outdoor Art Exhibition (Osaka) 2006 gallerism2006 On-site! At  Gallery NAO MASAKI - 2010 Three stories 2012 And the moon sees me


Takejiro Hasegawa

Born in Aichi prefecture. Born as the second son of Ichibosai Hasegawa II, a family of tsuba makers for the Owari Tokugawa family, who has called himself Ichibosai as a metalworker of tea utensils since the Meiji era. In 1968, studied metal hammering under Living National Treasure Shiro Sekiya. Since 1980, he has held exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa, and in 1994, he assumed the name Ichibo Saishunko III. Modern and sophisticated tea utensils are attracting the attention of many tea masters.  At Gallery NAO MASAKI -

<Solo Exhibition> 

2006 "Takejiro Museum"

2008"The World of Takejiro Hasegawa ~Pleasant Modeling~"

2010 "Takejiro's Tools Encyclopedia"

2011 "Forms of Abundance" Special Exhibition

2009 "Egypt Return Exhibition","Mobile"Moving Sculptures by 10 Artists

2012 "Concerning Vessel - Takejiro Hasegawa and Naoko Kato" , "December Special Event Exhibition"

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