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BRAFA in the Galleries

2021.1 27 --1.31

Belgium's largest art fair [BRAFA ART FAIR], which was postponed in 2021 due to the Korona-ka, held an online art fair for only 5 days.


A genius born from bamboo crafts in the 20th century, Sadaharu Iizuka, a phantom masterpiece bamboo chair by Sadaharu Horio, who is said to have influenced Charlotte Perriand, and a maverick who left a trail in the postwar Gutai Art Association. A masterpiece of Sadaharu Horio's 1000 GO 1000 points series. Among the contemporary artists, a contemporary wood carver who pursues a shape with his own aesthetics in decaying trees, a contemporary wood carver who is scheduled to participate in the Oku Noto International Art Festival in 2021, Mitsugu Sato, an artist who creates works from the existence that is here now, and Winner of the Lumine Art Award 2019 Grand Prix, 6 works by Hashiguchi Rintaro who continue to update modern calligraphy with a punk spirit will be exhibited.

Gallery NAO MASAKI    Naoki Masaki


Exhibitor: Sadaharu Horio Sadaharu Horio   / Mitsugi Sato

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