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Art Fair Tokyo 2019

2019.3.7 - 3.10



Contemporary artists continuously struggle to conceive unconventional ideas and build up their own unique concepts. These two artists we present, ceramist Koichi Uchida and wood sculptor Hiroto Nakanishi, have been carving out their careers in a completely contrary way. For example, Nakanishi one day, walking through a wood, came across a warped old tree, almost devoid its original form. He sensed something dignified inside the tree and took it to his atelier. Then, he sought to expose the intrinsic beauty of the material, making the best use of its formative charm. He simply wanted to share this beauty with an audience, rather than flaunt his ideas or skills. This object is beyond a mere craft work. We dare to say that this is a work of art. We believe art is the way of discovering grace in each piece of wood or clay and listening to the voice of each material from unique perspectives, as Nakanishi and Uchida always do. We call these works of existence, given form by their eyes and hands, Katachi in Japanese.


Artist: Kouichi Uchida /  Hiroto Nakanishi /  Lintalow Hashiguchi

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