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Kogei Seika no kai 2020

2020.2.14 ~ 2.16

" ‎Weaving"

Kogei Seika is the membership club and magazine which focus on Kogei : Craft in Japan.They started from Nov. 2014 and they release 3 issues in 1 year.

They held small art fair in 2020 in Tokyo. The theme of this art fair is “after Seikatsu Kogei : Ordinary life craft”. They issued the special edition of this theme with Takashi Murakami, issue 17.

Woven is a technique and act that has been handed down from ancient times to east and west since the Paleolithic era when humans created tools, and as usual. It probably started with the simple task of picking flowers, then twisting, superimposing, and combining them. The strength and freedom that is created when thin objects are piled up has taken shape as various tools or designs. In my personal memory, when I was still a girl, I remember that I was always fascinated by the swell of braids made by softly bundling the rich long hair of my friend sitting in the front seat. Why do people rush to weave or the shape created by  weaving before it is a tool? Perhaps it means a person's primitive act. This time, I would like to introduce the artists who spell the shape that was born by being attracted to "weaving".



Exhibitors: Kouichi Uchida / Hiroto NakanishiSeikichi Hasegawa / Nobuko Nishida

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