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Takejirou Hasegawa
"My longing world of Yamakawa Takejiro"
2019.11.09 --11.24


There is a mountain river in me.
Takejiro's room is small enough to reach everything if you reach out. The workplace where the clerk and his disciples, now his wife Mami and his son Seikichi are, is in the garden of his house, but Mr. Takejiro always stays alone in his room and wakes up to work. We, those who visit the Hasegawa family, always drop in at the room for greetings and take a break as Mr. Takejiro recommends "please".
It's already a sanctuary for Gentiles. Even if I have visited countless times, I forget the world and regain myself for a while. Next to Mr. Takejiro sitting in front of me and in the background, a collection of small antiques is lined up in a narrow space, and some of them are mixed with adorable tools that I have modified myself, so my eyes are fluttering.
You can also know the recent taste because the ones in the process of being made are settled all over the place.
I feel that there are many things like mountains and natural landscapes here. When I asked, I was fascinated by the magnificent scenery of the Tateyama mountain range seen from the train window during the exhibition of Professor Takejiro held at the Toyama Museum of Art last year. The memory of the trip I visited when I was a kid revived vibrantly, and I enthusiastically sketched it, and when I noticed it, the area was full of mountains. Everyone will be warmed by the laid-back scenery that you will be fascinated by in the small objects, the small and pretty flowers that bloom at your feet, and the works that exude people. A rare person who keeps the heart of a boy forever, he is also a respectable teacher who explores the inner world like a hermit.
And even today, while still in the work room, he will be free to come and go on the journey of his heart. Let us also enjoy the space-time freely with the scenery of the trip born from Takejiro.
Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki


Takejiro Hasegawa    

Born in Aichi prefecture. Metalworker. A family of tsuba masters of the Owari-Tokugawa family, he has been named Ichibosai as a tea utensils metalworker since the Meiji era. Born as the second son of the second generation, Kazushige Hasegawa, Saishun Shoten, in 1968, studied forging under the late Shiro Sekiya, a living national treasure. Since 1980, he has held exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa, and in 1994, he was named the third generation Saishun Shoten. Modern and sophisticated tea utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.


At Gallery NAO MASAKI 

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