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Takejiro Hasegawa

Far Silk Road


Far Silk Road


Once in the workplace, you'll find Persian, Mesopotamia, Eurasian continents, and timeless antique collections lined up.

Treasures that have been carried over a long space-time along the distant golden road. It will be a tradition of culture and the work that can make it, not just the shape.

Kazumasa Hasegawa, a master craftsman who has made a name for himself as a metalworker of tea utensils in the Meiji era from the family of Tokugawa's tsuba master.

The third generation of the current generation is Mr. Takejiro Hasegawa, a forge who says that his arm is rooted in metalworking near the Sumerian civilization over time.

On Mr. Takejiro's arm, gold and silver pass through free curves and transform into a round and rich form.

The unique atmosphere created by the workplace and the works may be connected to the source of Mr. Takejiro's free creation, which made him think of the distant Silk Road.

We hope that many people will take a look at the many shapes that have reached the end of the modern Silk Road.

Nao Masaki

Takejiro Hasegawa
Born in Aichi prefecture. Metalworker. A family of tsuba masters of the Owari-Tokugawa family, he has been named Ichibosai as a tea utensils metalworker since the Meiji era.

Born as the second son of the second generation, Kazushige Hasegawa, Saishun Shoten, in 1968, studied forging under the late Shiro Sekiya, a living national treasure.

Since 1980, he has held exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa, and in 1994, he was named the third generation Saishun Shoten.

Modern and sophisticated tea utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.

<Solo exhibition> At Gallery NAO MASAKI

2006 "Takejiro Museum"

2008 "The World of Takejiro Hasegawa-Fun Shape-"

2010 "Takejiro's Tool Picture Book"

2011 "Shape of fertility"

2014  "The Far Silk Road"

<Special Exhibition>

2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition" "Mobile Sculpture by Ten Artists"

2012 "About the container" "Lucky thing exhibition"

2013 "The book as ART; the image of a book or the extracted shape."

2015 "something new with feel art 10 "

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