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Artists Fair Kyoto 2020

2020.2.28 - 3.1

Lintalow Hashiguchi

The ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO was created in 2018 in Kyoto, as an unconventional art fair where the artists themselves would take control from planning to exhibition. This event, set up in the hall of the Important Cultural Property and corporate buildings to exhibit works by domestically and internationally acclaimed artists, and the young up-and-coming artists under their recommendation or through public application, has been growing its reputation worldwide as a unique stage that creates communication between visitors and artists. 



This work is about MINORMAKER, a WLIGHTER DESCENDENTS (descendent), and they run an ostensibly junk shop. It's about 3020.

They make a living by picking up, repairing scraps and broken machines that have been gathered from all over the place, and reassembling and remaking them to make a living. They have a mysterious way of finishing the repairs and making, and they write something while spraying paint. Then the machine starts to move. It seems to be their way of doing things, and it seems that they started to imitate the way they were written in old books, and eventually it became indispensable as an original style.
When asked, "Who are you?", They replied.



Hashiguchi Lintalow

"ARTISTS'FAIR KYOTO 2020" sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture, ARTISTS'FAIR KYOTO Executive Committee, Agency for Cultural Affairs, and Japan Arts and Culture Promotion Association is to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. We will cancel the event scheduled to be held from February 28th (Friday) to March 1st (Sunday) in consideration of the health and safety of the participants and related parties. We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Organizer / 2020.02.26
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You can also see the venue scenery from here.

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