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Takejiro Hasegawa Naoko Kato

About the container-In the case of Takejiro Hasegawa and Naoko Kato


"Utsuwa" as a container for holding food on a daily basis

"Utsuwa" as a skill to measure and know the inside and talent of the person.


To this simple word

Since ancient times, people have repeated many meanings, placed them close to them, and used them well.


Therefore, this theme has been postponed for a long time, though I have been interested in it for a long time.

I'm looking forward to this time at the end of the year, and I'd like you to take on the challenge.


The first is Takejiro Hasegawa, a forging artist, and Naoko Kato, a cast glass artist.

Each "container" reflected by two artists.


Is freedom like this wonderful for its soft sensibility?

They are two people who are impressed and discover.

What do we feel in the timeless view of the universe?


There are completely different shapes on the same stage, but there are some similar shapes even though there is no meeting ...

It was a fun exhibition with unique glass and metal materials.


This year's Dongzhi is December 21, 2012.

Please enjoy yourself relaxedly.

Nao Masaki



Naoko Kato


Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Cast glass modeling artist.

In 1996, graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, Department of Crafts, Glass Course. Part-time lecturer in the same department.

The unique sculptural works created from rich imagination have gained widespread support.

Held solo and group exhibitions mainly in the Kanto region.



<Solo Exhibition> 2006 "Entrance to Somewhere", 2008 "Space-Time World", 2010 "What Happens Between Fingers"

<Special Exhibition> 2009 "Mobile" Moving sculptures by ten artists


Takejiro Hasegawa


Born in Aichi prefecture. Gold craftsman.

A family of tsuba masters of the Owari-Tokugawa family, who named himself Ichibosai as a tea utensils metalworker from the Meiji era.

Born as the second son of the second generation, Kazumasa Hasegawa, Saishun Shoten

In 1968, he studied forging under the late Shiro Sekiya, a living national treasure.

Since 1980, he has been holding exhibitions in various places as Takejiro Hasegawa.

In 1994, he was named the third generation Saishun Shoten.

Modern and sophisticated tea utensils have attracted the attention of many tea masters.



<Solo Exhibition> 2006 "Takejiro Museum" 2008 "The World of Takejiro Hasegawa-Fun Modeling-" 2010 "Takejiro's Tool Picture Book" 2011 "Shape of Fertility"

<Special Exhibition> 2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition" 2009 "Mobile" Moving sculptures by ten artists

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