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art stage OSAKA 2022

2022.6.3 --6.5


Gallery NAO MASAKI will be exhibiting at the art fair [art stage OSAKA 2022], which will be held for the first time in Osaka in early June. At the venue, in addition to the two-dimensional works of Sadaharu Horio, who was active as a late member of Gutai Art, the works of wood carving artist Nakanishi will be exhibited. The Midwestern is a creative artist who works from trees that have decayed in the woods or have fallen for human reasons. This time, some new works are included. We will mainly introduce recent works.


In addition, Sadaharu Horio will participate in "Listen to the Sound of the Earth Rotating: Well-being after the Pandemic" to be held at the Mori Arts Center from June 29th. Please come visit us there as well.

◯ There are some general day invitation slots available, so if you wish, please send your name & furigana, email address, and contact information to the gallery email address below. (Companions need similar information)

* You need to register the date and time in advance when you come to the venue.


You may be busy, but the weather is good. We look forward to welcoming you to the venue.

[Artist] Sadaharu Horio /  Hiroto Nakanishi


Dojima River Forum: 1-1-17 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka


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