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Nao Masaki

Gallerist + Art director


Since she was a child, she has been conscious of social issues such as Social disparities and gender issue, and has been facing socio-political activities for about 10 years since high school, but she realized that the transformation of the social system requires the maturation of individual sensibilities.


In 2004, She opened "Life deco" in Nagoya Japan, a lifestyle-select-shop that handles various items from antiques to small things, stones and broken pieces of glass, to propose a new way of looking at everyday life.

In 2005, She opened contemporary art gallery "gallery feel art zero". The concept of this gallery is to have art experience to confront and feel the work in a state of zero (do not judge by knowledge). In 2018, She renamed "Gallery NAO MASAKI" , began participating in domestic and international art fairs.

As of 2022, the number of exhibitions has reached 138, and she continues to question and experiment with the essence of art. Not only as a gallerist but also as an art director, she comprehensively directs store design, art coordination, graphics, etc. and coordinate a space with art. In recent years, she has become interested in communication between art and society, and also directs public art events.


2020 Midland Square Christmas 2020 Art Director

2019 Midland Square Christmas 2019 Art Director

2018 Taketa City Arts and Crafts Fair Selection Committee


2017 Light Shibito Gathering Selection Committee

2016 UNESCO Creative City Network Forum "food x design" Event Creative Director

2016 Seto City New Century Crafts Center Special Lecturer

2014 Nagopal Cultural Festival 2014 Creative Director

2013 Nagopal Cultural Festival 2013 "Parco's Garden" General Directon

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