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 22 Special exhibition by 2 artists

something new, with feel art 10


With the enthusiasm that people who encounter the artist's work in an empty "0" space will continue their journey in their inner space, Yagoto will open a 40 tsubo gallery on the 2nd floor of the abandoned building in Hibarigaoka. For the first time, I noticed that this is the 10th year. It was the longest-running event I've ever had in my 41-year life.


If you think about it, the gallery is a very exciting place.

The artist's way of life and works that connect the inner and outer worlds of oneself always remind us of a new spirit in our lives [life activities].


In the first place, human beings spend the present to live, choose things, work, sleep, eat, and live, so it is the essence and instinct to go to "living". On the other hand, since we built a civilization, we are becoming creatures that make "living" very difficult.


For a person, the work may be a proof of the space in which the person exists in the elapsed time, and for another person, it may be a spill of sensibilities and philosophies. But that doesn't really matter. Even in the same work, the feelings and things that you can see from time to time are completely different, and you can see yourself as if it were a litmus test paper.


The journey of life is rambling, but I feel that the answer lies in every day. At the beginning of a new time in the new year, we decided to exhibit the usual appearances of related artists, their palms. Please enjoy the time like a gift full of essence.


Thanks to all who are creating this era together!

Nao Masaki

Participating artists

Masanobu Ando

Masashi Ito

Eiji Uematsu

Kouichi Uchida

Kaji Nanako

Naoko Kato

Kim Hono

Mitsugu Sato

Takeshi Shinohara

YOshiko Jinzenji

Kentaro Tanaka

Toru Tsuji

Yoshiko Toyama

Hiroto Nakanishi

Nobuko Nishida

Takejiro Hasegawa

Mami Hasegawa

Kazuko Mitsushima

Kayo Miyashita

Megumi Yamamoto

Michiaki Mochizuki

Hideki Yokoyama

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