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Takeshi Shinohara (1951 - )


Born 1951 in Kyoto. Shinohara graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 1973 and from the Platz Institute in 1978. Characterised by various elements found in nature, such as wind, fire, water and sound, Shinohara's works do not present the artist's thoughts to the viewer in a one-way manner, nor do they employ any special devices, but are revealed when the viewer confronts the work.

1969 Visited in Norway.
1973 Studied in Design department at Osaka University of Arts.
1978 Studied in Pratt institute in New York , USA
1980 Lived in the United States.
1982 Studied ‘Environmental Sculpture’ in Vancouver.
1989 Studied Environmental Art in Ghana.
1995 Studied in Belgium with the subsidy by the government. Studied in Frans Masereel Center.
2001 Studied Art Design at Finland , Belgium.
2004 Studied in Nederland.
2005 Studied in Sweden with the subsidy by the government. Invited from Sweden and Denmark.


1979 “Drawing Performance” , New York, U.S.A.
     “Drawing of the sea” , Liverpool, UK.

1980 “A Clay Work Project” , Calgary, Canada.
     “Sea Drawing” , Los Angeles/San Francisco, U.S.A.

1981 “New York Sound Drawing” , New York, U.S.A.

1983 “Rain Printing” , BOX Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
    “Painting and Drawing” , Los Angeles U.S.A.

1984  “A Clay Work Project” , Canadian Rockies, Canada.

1989 “Wind and Soil in South Africa” , Ghana

1990 “A Clay Work Project” , Stuttgart, Germany.
   “A Clay Work Project” , Wales, U.K.

1996 “Sound of the Moon” , Tielen Lichtaart, Belgium / Eindhoven, Holland.
   “Experimental Music of John Cage and the study” , Shertogenbosch, Holland/Antwerp, Belgium.
   “Works in Belgium” , Frans Masereel Gallery, Kasterlee, Belgium.

1997 “Geluid van wind-Primal Scene of the Sound” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
   “Sound from Zero” ,Shertogenbosch, Holland/Antwerp, Belgium.
   “Geluid van nul-Sound of Zero” , Habitat Gallery, Tokyo.
   “Sound of Nature A DEFORCE+S.RENSHAW Collaboration” , Kyoto.

1998 “Geluid van het hout-Sound of Wood” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

1999 “De zwaarkoffer 48e - the sky in the territory” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Nature Wonderland by Takeshi Shinohara” , International Youth Park, Aichi.
     “Territory of Space” , Rihga Royal Gallery, Osaka.

2000 “Works in Flanders “, Gent, Belgium/ Eindhoven, Holland.
     “Hoewel het onmogelijk is, moet ik het proberen- Paradox of Twins”. Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Te ter aan vertrekpunt” , Damme, Belgium/Rengenbosch, Holland.

2001 “TIDAL WAVE-Traveling toward the ray of light”, Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

2002 “Percolation +the principles of equivalence/water mark-series” ,Galerie Ando/ Gallery Apa, Aichi.
     “ Haase of the Moon” , F.M.S. Gallery, Kasterlee, Belgium.

2003 “Circulation+Undulation” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.“Circulation+UndulationⅡ” , Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2004 “De waarde van een plazats- Value of Realm” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

2005 “CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O1 Convertibility of Field and Quantity No.1 “,Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KWANTIET” , A°lga°rden konstna¨rernas Museum,Sweden.
     “OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KVANTITET” , En Tangsogade 4 udstilling, Denmark.
     “OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KVANTITET” , Bora° Bridge, Sweden/Denmark.

2006 “CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O2 Convertibility of Field and Quantity No.2” ,Galerie Ando,Tokyo.
     “Takeshi Shinohara- Biotope Shelter” , Minokamo City Museum, Gifu.
     “CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT Convertibility of Field and Quantity” , Gallery Ray, Aichi.

2007 “CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O3 Convertibility of Place and Quantity No.3” ,Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Doxa & Episteme” Tokyo University Hongo Campus, Tokyo.

2008 “WHITE NOISE” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “behind the seen - Secrets of Artistic Creation” , Tokyo University Komaba Museum, Tokyo.

2009 “WHITE NOISE Contemplated retroactive concept” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     ”Circulation +Undulation” Gallery NAO MASASKI, Aichi.

     “ solo exhibition” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2011 “buds in helsinki ” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Buds in helsinki” Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi.

2012 “Leva-me pra Lua” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Workshop: Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and The University of Tokyo cooperation project “(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
     “Cirulation” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2013 “Derivation” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “Derivation ” Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi.

2014 “ maan onder de maan-n°01 ” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “maan onder de maan ” En Tangosogade 4 udstillin, Denmark.
     “solo exhibition” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2015 “reconstruction of the moon” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “You’d be so nice to come home to” Humlum, Nørre Snede. vorgad-Barde og sdr, Nissum.
     “solo exhibition”  Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi.

2016 “sublime in phenomenon ” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “solo exhibition” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2017 “viside arbitrary language “Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “solo exhibition” Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi.

2018 “the critical point of vapor “Galerie Ando, Tokyo.
     “solo exhibition” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

2019 “continuous image -n°01“ Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

2020 “Visible Critical Point“ GALLERY TOMO,kyoto

2021 “Moon of weather lone. GALLERY TOMO,kyoto


<Group exhibition>
1979 Awarded at “Contemporary Print Competition”, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.

1980 “Exhibition of International Print Biennale Krakau”, Lodzi Museum of Art, Poland.

1981 Awarded the grand prize at “Kyoto Arts Exhibition”, Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts & Culture,Kyoto.
    Nominated for “Nichido Print Grand Prix Exhibition”. First Prize, Nichido Gallery

    Tokyo Awarded at “Seibu Museum of Art Print Grand Prix Exhibition”, Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo.
    Awarded Sponsor Prize at “Rose Garden Art Contest”, Rose Garden Gallery, Mie.

1983 “Premio international Biella Biennale”, Museo Biellese, Italy.
     Awarded at “International Biennale Exhibition of Prints in Seoul”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.
    “International Contemporary Print Art Exhibition”, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea.

1984 “Contemporary Printing”, Photorio Gallery, Australia.
     “Rijeka International Drawing Biennale”, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Yugoslavia
     “Art Now ‘84”, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Hyogo.

1985 “International Biennale for Young Artists”, Neerpelt City Museum, Belgium.
     “Biennial of Graphic Art Ljubliana”, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Slovenia.
     “Contemporary Art Exhibition”, U.S.A., U.K.
     “Dommelhof International Biennale”, Neerpelt City Museum, Belgium.
     “Lodzi International Print Biennale”, ?odzi Museum of Art, Poland.

1986 “California Art Exhibition”, California, U.S.A.
     “Contemporary Print Exhibition”, London / Liverpool, U.K.
     “Vancouver EXPO ’86”, Vancouver, Canada.
     “Art Basel - the International Art Show”, Basel, Switzerland.
     “International Contemporary Art Exhibition”, New York GM Gallery, U.S.A.

1987 Budapest International “Art of Today” Exhibition, Budapest Galeria, Hungary.
     “Gubin International Paper Biennale”, Gubin Museum, Poland.
     “Contemporary Art exhibition”, British Museum, U.K.

1988 “Biennial of Graphic Art Ljubliana”, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Slovenia.
     “Contemporary Art Exhibition”, New York/ Washington DC, U.S.A.

1991 Nominated for “ Museum Award of Japanese Contemporary Art” (ditto ’93)

1992 “Medium Duo”, Glasburn Museum, Rumania.

1993 “International Contemporary Art Fair ‘93”, Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa.

1994 “Track of Contemporary Art for 20 years”, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.
     Nominated for “ Museum Award of Osaka National Museum of Art” ,Osaka (~’96”)

1995 “Frans Masereel Center Graphic Fair”, Kasterlee, Belgium.

1997 “Tokyo International Contemporary Art Fair”, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo.
     “Obra Grafica Exhibition”, Caja de Asturias, Spain.

1998 “Osaka Jazz Festival”, Blue Note, Osaka. (’98~’01.)
     “Warmth and Sound of Wood”, NHK / BS TV program.
     Concert “The music of John Cage”, Tokyo Junshin Women’s College Gallery, Tokyo.

1999 “Tokyo International Contemporary Art Fair”, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo.
     “Xmas with Art’99”, Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo.
     “Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair”, Citizen Gallery, Nagoya.

2000 “Project of Japanese Garden and Handrail from Approach”, Ashiya, Hyogo.

2001 “Arttists in Residence in Mino – mino paper art village project”, Gifu.

2006 “Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art Collection”, Aichi.

2007 “Cycle and Recycle”, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Aichi.

2008 “Track of Contemporary Art in North Europe”, Nees, Denmark.

2009 “ET4U Contemporary Art Exhibition”, En Tangsogade 4 udstilling, Denmark.

2011 Biennal Internacional de Artes de São Paulo, candidate

2012 “ANDO SESSION -1 Drawing Exhibition” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

   "The world of image"Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi

2013 “Banner The WAVE Exhibition” Humlum (sor Missum / Danmark)
     “THE WAVE ” The Festival」Snede.vorgod (Barde Art Epi Center / Danmark)
     “derivation-”(GALERIE ANDO/Tokyo)

   "something new; with feel art 1"Gallery NAO MASAKI, Aichi

2018 “Travelers : stepping into the unknown” The national museum of art, Osaka

2021 “Art Collaboration Kyoto“ Kyoto International Conference Center,Kyoto



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