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Takeshi Shinohara Toyoharu Miyazaki Kazushi Yoshida

Focusing on the world collection of images


Lyall Watson, a 1974 life scientist, witnesses a mysterious phenomenon in Venice. In the palm of a 5-year-old girl from an Italian family, a tennis ball was instantly flipped over and turned inside out, with the rubber inside turned outside. It still contained compressed air, and when it was dropped on the floor, the tennis ball that bounced was torn with a knife, and when the air was squeezed out, the yellow fabric of that fluffy tennis ball appeared on the inside.


Watson wrote in his book about his feelings at that time.

-It still drives me frustrated. It is impossible to turn over a ball without cracks like a glove. I have that much knowledge of physics. It is impossible in the real world we know. (Omitted) Thus, this tennis ball became the first symbol for me. The manifestation of another new approach to life. Another way of looking at things. (...) To break through the dead end that separates old science from new needs, we may certainly have to look at things in a different way. Just as blind people and artists have always done so. one

This experience must have been a major leap forward in his scholarly view of subsequent research surrounding the magnificent flow of human life.

Occasionally, when I see an art work in front of me, I feel the shock of touching a new phenomenon from within my brain. The world of new images always marvels us without a boundary between the outside and the inside. It may be one of the by-products of art .. .. and at the same time, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the essence of art.

This time, in the space of feel art zero, the works of three artists who evoke such a phenomenon consisting of images will be revolved around the collection.

Takeshi Shinohara, a contemporary artist living in Kyoto, is a peculiar artist who freely moves back and forth between 2D and 3D territories and looks at our human consciousness from the outside and from the inside and has a positive approach. A world expressed by straight lines and curves with a certain floating feeling and order. This time, the world of polarities will expand, centering on the works drawn in monochrome, showing the work of passionate human hands while releasing a quiet battle mark.

Next, in the back space, drawings and three-dimensional works were arranged from the series of "Garden Under the Eye", which has been worked on for a long time since the latter half of 1980 by the sculptor Toyoji Miyazaki, who lives in Kyoto. In general, the space is a cosmic expanse connected to the tea room, even though it is not a large size when you take a glimpse of the world view, because it may be cut out from a certain point of view. It will be a wonderful landscape reminiscent of.

Lastly, I would like to introduce the work of Kazushi Yoshida, a young artist living in Tokyo. The tools you see in your daily life are humorously transformed into an extraordinary one, maintaining a mysterious and dangerous equilibrium. In addition, its high degree of perfection also has the beauty of the world of crafts and the ultimate in Japanese tools. The mysterious sight, which resembles a kind of paranormal phenomenon, will shake our brains a lot.

In addition, the image and phenomenon in the collection is nothing but a fun creation that reconstructs the artist's view of the world and reveals his own world with sensibility and experience. See the endless desire for evolution of humankind in the amplification of the new world that is stimulated every day. However, it is a reality that we must not forget that the direction is not a single one, but all possibilities.

Nao Masaki


Takeshi Shinohara

1951 Born in Kyoto 1978-81 Traveled to the United States 1981 Completed Pratt Arts Institute 1982 Belgian publicly funded study abroad 2005 Swedish publicly funded study abroad / Denmark publicly funded study abroad 1979 Depyu at Drawing performance (New York / USA) 1980 Kraco 7 International Print Biennale Exhibition (Woode Museum / Poland) 1981 New York Sound Drawing (New York / USA) 1983 Premio Piera Border Print Piennale Exhibition (Piera Museum / Italy) 1984 Rieka Garden Original Drawing Piennale Exhibition (Rieka Museum / Italy) 1985 International Youth Artist Biennale Exhibition (Nerbert Municipal) Museum / Poland) / Domel 7 :; -7 International Piennale Exhibition (Nerbert Municipal Museum of Art / Poland) / Rodds International Biennale Exhibition (Rods Museum / Poland) 1986 Pazel International Art Fair (Basel / Switzerland) / Bancooper EXPO '86 (Van) Cooper / Canada) 1987 Pudabest International “Art of Today. Exhibition (Pudabest Museum / Hungary)  1988 Lupriana International Print Piennale Exhibition (Lupriana Museum / 1st Yugoslapia) 1989 South Africa 7 Rika's Wind and Soil ( Akura / Ghana) Many exhibitions held all over the world 2005 Circulation + Undulation (All Goldin Museum / Sweden) 2006 Takeshi Shinohara -Piotope Place Exhibition (Mino Kamo Civic Museum / Gifu) 2007 Cycle + Recycling Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural) Museum / Nagoya) 2008 behind the seen Behind the scenes of art creation (Tokyo University Museum) 2010 r Knowing the Sound "Art (Aichi Youth Park / Nagoya) 2011 Workshops and Exhibitions for Children ( Aichi Youth Park / Nagoya), etc. Many solo exhibitions at gallery feel art zero 2009 Circulation + Undulation; Circulation and Waves

Toyoharu Miyazaki

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture 1968 Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kanazawa University of Arts and Crafts 1971 1st Hyogo Prefectural Art Festival (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) 1973 Japan-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) / r Voice / Expression and Expression Theory ”Exhibition ( Kyoto City Museum of Art / Kyoto) / 1973 Art by Kyoto Viennale Group> Exhibition (Kyoto City Museum of Art / Kyoto) 1975 Tokyo Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art / Tokyo) 1976 Art Now '76 Exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) 1978 Kobe Suma Rikyu Public Area 6th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Kobe City Suma Rikyu Park / Hyogo) 1981 Art Now 1970-1980 Exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) 1982 Solo Exhibition Today Writer Series> (Osaka Prefectural Center for Contemporary Art / Osaka) 1987 Solo Exhibition (INAX Gallery 2j Tokyo) 1990 '90 Hyogo Artist (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) / Present 4 Trials of Art (Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Wakayama ) ) 1992 Centrifugal force of sculpture (National Museum of International Art / Osaka) / Sculpture of Ishikawa-Artists of metal modeling {Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art / Stone 111) 1994 Solo exhibition (Sasakawa Peace Foundation Gallery Washington DC) / Kansai Art 1950--1970s ( Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Hyogo) 1995 Solo Exhibition (Listen Gallery-j in Kyoto 8, '11 1997 Solo Exhibition Iron Sculpture Toyoji Miyazaki Exhibition (Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art / Ishikawa) 1998 Solo Exhibition (Gallery TAFj in Kyoto) 9, '01, '04 1999 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Hosokawa / Osaka) '01, '03, '08 2001 Kanazawa City Museum of Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition (Kanazawa Citizens' Art Village / Stone III) / r Toyoji Miyazaki-Garden below --J (National Museum of International Art / Osaka) 2003 r Exploring the possibilities of metal- Works by contemporary artists J (Takaoka City Museum of Art / Miyayama) 2007 Solo Exhibition (Listen Gallery Aoyama / Tokyo) 2009 Interesting guys-Kansai art seen from human figures ( Tokushima Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Tokushima) / From home to museum Tsuneko Tanaka Collection Exhibition (Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Wakayama) etc.

Kazushi Yoshida

1978 Born in Mie Prefecture 2001 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Oil Painting 2005-2∞7, 2009 Enrolled in Yotsuya Art Studio <Solo Exhibition> 2004 (Gallery Goto / Tokyo) 2005 community (GALERIE SOLj Tokyo) 2006 SCRAMBLE CORRELATIVE (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVEj ) Tokyo) 2007 Otoshimono (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVEj Tokyo) 2011 Wandering series (Mori store / Tokyo) <Group Exhibition> 2001 Number 3 (Meguro Ward Museum of Art , Tokyo) 2002 To "Kiyo" Wanda "Wall Open Call 2002 (Tokyo) Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art / Tokyo) 2003 To "Kyo Wonder" Wall Tokyo Metropolitan Government 2002 (Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Tokyo) / Li ghtln Heavy vo 1.2 (Gallery Goto / Tokyo) 2004 Petit SOL Exhibition (GALERIE SOLj Tokyo) / Tokyo Wonder Wall Writer Exhibition 2000-2003 (Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) 2005 sympathy of various senses (GALLERY OBJECTIVE  CORRELATIVEj Tokyo) / WONDER SEEDS (Tokyo Wonder Site / Tokyo) 2006 Three-person exhibition (GALERIE SOLj) Tokyo)/

Scrapple From the Apple (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVEj Tokyo) / This is it (GALLERY OBJECTIVE  CORRELATIVEj Tokyo) 2007 open sesame (GALLERY OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVEj Tokyo) / Explosion (BankART Studio_cc781905-5cde- 3 Kanagawa) 2009 OPEN STUDIO 4jkodaira artists site (milk warehouse) 2010 Flickering subcutaneous tissue (Shobara City Hall, etc./Hiroshima)

2011 OPEN STUDIO 5jkodaira artists site (Milk Warehouse / Tokyo) / Tokorozawa Piennale drop line (2011j Saitama) Participated in Milk Warehouse and L / Business trip kitchen (Alley and people / Tokyo) Participated as Milk Warehouse <Performance> 2007 ~~ (BankART Studio Open Program) / Experiment Supplement 05 (Yotsuya Art Studio / Tokyo) 2009 Fussa Stolen Base (Fussa Baseball Stadium / Tokyo) (Awards> 2002 Tokyo Wonder Wall Open Call 2002 Award 2007 Maestro Guant Jury Award ( Yotsuya Art Studio) etc.

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