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Derivation: Origin of rotation

Takeshi Shinohara


The bold approach of Takeshi Shinohara, a contemporary artist living in Kyoto who I admire for the first time in two years, spreads here in the space of Gallery NAO MASAKI.

The overwhelming white world that makes you feel the innocent and unseen world and the traces of vivid colors that discover a new page there and step into a place unprecedented are at the same time new. It also has prehistoric human trends.

As time ticks unconsciously, unconsciously conscious of all the origins beyond the enormous time of mankind may mean living to the fullest. Shinohara's work always gives us the courage and energy to push into the unknown.

A shape that I have seen somewhere, a shape that I never see with my eyes, Shinohara art has a strong impact while leaving a path like a ray of light fluttering in such an exquisite deception-like world. I continue to give off a powerful image.

Shadows created where there is light, scenes where the wind blows, hopes that will surely exist in the invisible future. A landscape where the world that is connected beyond such an individual is scattered like a signpost.

Here is a message from Takeshi Shinohara, an artist who continues to challenge with endless inquisitiveness and energy.


Nao Masaki


Takeshi Shinohara

Born in Kyoto in 1951

1978 Traveled to the United States (~ 81)

1981 Completed Pratt Arts Institute

1982 Belgium Publicly funded study abroad

2005 Swedish publicly funded study abroad, Danish publicly funded study abroad


<Major exhibitions in recent years>

2006 Takeshi Shinohara --Biotope Place-- Exhibition (Minokamo Civic Museum / Gifu)

2007 Cycle + Recycling Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art / Nagoya)

2010 "Lunar Water" Exhibition (Rich Tart, Castalle Gallery / Belgium)

   Workshop (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Japan)

2011 "Helsinki Buds" (Helsinki Center / Finland)

2012 "Fly to the Moon" (Nice: Skala Stroop Gallery / Denmark)

2013 "Wavy Berners" Exhibition (Borgen Museum / Denmark)

         "Wave" Exhibition (Hamram Museum, Saunder Museum / Denmark)

        and many other exhibitions held in Japan and overseas



2009 Circulation + Unducation; Circulation and Waves

2011 buds in Helsinki buds in Helsinki

2012 Focusing on the world collection of images

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