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Takeshi Shinohara

buds in Helsinki


Takeshi Shinohara has been presenting at biennales and exhibitions around the world, starting with Drawing Performance in NY in 1979.

Also in this Tokai area, he is a writer with a connection at the exhibition at the Minokamo Civic Museum in 2006 and the cycle + recycling exhibition at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in 2007.


He has been producing the "return to earth" series for about 15 years since the mid-1970s.

It was a grand attempt to continue production in the rhythm of the earth, incorporating the balance of fire, soil, water, wind, and wood, which are the five elements that make up the earth, into the work.

The thought that it is important to absorb and strengthen the roots of the original human nature is strongly reflected and expressed in the production process. From the age of 40, we will shift to the "Circulation and Wave" series, which transforms the attitude of being actively and actively involved into production.


If the series of "return to earth" and "circulation and wave motion" was an action to capture the circulation of energy of the earth, the earth, and the universe, the Shinohara series in recent years includes people who lived in the past and lives passed by. Focusing on the trajectory of the universe and the shape they created, you can feel the strong and humorous power of life. So to speak, it is the circulation and vibration of humankind itself.

In addition, it is a concrete action such as holding a workshop for children at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in November this year, following the workshop and exhibition for children held at the Youth Park in Aichi Prefecture last year. It is creating a new cycle and vibration.


This is the second exhibition of Takeshi Shinohara at Gallery NAO MASAKI. Please take a look at the latest energetic work by Takeshi Shinohara, who is full of love and hope for humankind in the past and future.

Nao Masaki


Helsinki buds

There are times when living here seems like a miracle.

There is life now because it has led to the days that have passed, the places and events that have passed, and everything that has lived.

Every time I see the rugged reality of how to live a given life, it is the life of life that inspires me to feel closed.

When I stood in the distant city of Helsinki, it was covered in frozen air and few people came and went.

If you stand still there for tens of minutes, it's a cold winter that you might freeze in the scenery.

When I feel like I'm feeling down, I often regain my feelings here.

I imagined that the people who continue to live in the ice-covered land, and that the plant sprouts must be preparing to live under the ice soil under their feet.

The freezing heart regains the moisture of life at its own body temperature.

When I think beyond dimensions and what I imagine forms an expression, my body temperature, hand tremors, and breathing are reflected there.

The image of the form captured by the eyes buds like a life with body temperature and escapes from me .

Takeshi Shinohara


Takeshi Shinohara 1951 Born in Kyoto 1978-81 Traveled to the United States 1981 Completed Pratt Arts Institute 1982 Belgian publicly funded study abroad 2005 Swedish publicly funded study abroad Denmark Publicly funded study abroad 1979 Debuted at Drawing performance (New York / USA) 1980 Krakov International Print Biennale Exhibition (Woodge Museum / Poland)   1981 New York Sound Drawing (New York / USA) 1983 Premio Viera International Print Biennale Exhibition (Viera Museum / Italy) 1984 Rieca International Original Drawing Biennale Exhibition (Rieca Museum / Italy ) ) 1985 International Youth Artist Biennale Exhibition (Nerpert Municipal Museum of Art / Poland) / Domerfov International Biennale Exhibition (Nerpert Municipal Museum of Art / Poland) / Rodds International Biennale Exhibition (Rods Museum / Poland) 1986 Basel International Art Fair (Basel / Switzerland) / Vancouver EXPO '86 (Vancouver / Canada) 1987 Budapest International “Art of Today” Exhibition (Budapest Museum / Hungary) 1988 Lubriana International Print Biennale Exhibition (Lubriana Museum / former Yugoslavia) 1989 South Africa's Wind and Soil (Akra / Ghana) and the rest of the world Many exhibitions held in various places 2005 Circulation + Undulation (All Golden Museum / Sweden ) 2006 Takeshi Shinohara-Biotope Place-Exhibition (Mino Kamo Civic Museum / Gifu) 2007 Cycle + Recycling Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art / Nagoya) 2008 behind the Behind the scenes of seen art creation (Museum of Tokyo University) 2010 "Knowing the Sound" Art (Aichi Youth Park / Nagoya) 2011 Workshops and Exhibitions for Children (Aichi Youth Park / Nagoya) and many other solo exhibitions

At gallery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI)

<Solo Exhibition> 2009 Circulation + Undulation; Circulation and Waves

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