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Takeshi Shinohara (1951 ~)

Magnetic field of intuition image memory


Image of intuition or sharing of memory


Why do people think? Where does intuition come from?

This "magnetic field of intuition image memory" is a universal work theme that is familiar to humankind, such as timeless memory and intuition, and works with mysterious shapes appear in space, creating a fluctuating magnetic field. Takeshi Shinohara, a contemporary artist born in Kyoto, left Japan from a young age and went to the United States. Since then, he has continued to produce and present in Europe such as Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

For that reason, Shinohara's work has a borderless world view and a sense of color that jumps over from Asia, and shakes the stereotypes of the viewer.

In the first place, the earth we live in is entirely charged with electricity, and the lightning bolts roar high in the sky and are connected to the earth. Aurora draws a vision of large magnetic field lines in space and time around the poles, tape recorders and hard disks are also magnetic, the brain that controls human memory is also magnetic and electric, and the image and memory of our intuition is electrical , It is awakened and maintained by magnetic force, so to speak, it travels around the globe. Takeshi Shinohara's imagination is constantly changing and greatly amplified day by day, connected with the memories and intuitions of ancient magnetic fields . Shinohara's works that think that the image that appears in everyone's memory = the vision itself exists as an inevitability rather than an accident. The moment when the image rises in the space may be the intuitive expression of the artist. Please touch the free ideas of each work and awaken your intuition.


Nao Masaki


Takeshi Shinohara

Born in Kyoto in 1951

1978 Traveled to the United States (~ 81)

1981 Completed Pratt Arts Institute

1982 Belgium Publicly funded study abroad

2005 Swedish publicly funded study abroad, Danish publicly funded study abroad


<Major exhibitions in recent years>

2006 Takeshi Shinohara --Biotope Place-- Exhibition (Minokamo Civic Museum / Gifu)

2007 Cycle + Recycling Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art / Nagoya)

Many other exhibitions are held at home and abroad


2009 Circulation + Unducation; Circulation and Waves

2011 buds in Helsinki buds in Helsinki

2012 Focusing on the world collection of images

2013 Derivation: Origin of rotation

Processive back calculation of the 2015 protocol

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