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Takeshi Shinohara

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Takeshi Shinohara is a contemporary artist who has taken a deep look at human thought and its origin and transformed it into action through his creations.

The first scroll made in ancient Greek papyrus was called protokollon, where "proto" meant "first" and "col" meant "glue".

If you think about it, this act, which can be said to be the origin of writing letters, can be said to be the first step in determining the conventional concept of the world that is familiar to us today.

In today's hectic time, I sometimes feel that my thoughts have stopped and I feel like I'm being driven by the rules of the world.

Suddenly stopping and trying to transform your thinking against the big flow must be a small but great first step to create a page of a new era from the future.

Nao Masaki

Takeshi Shinohara

Born in Kyoto in 1951

1978 Traveled to the United States (~ 81)

1981 Completed Pratt Arts Institute

1982 Belgium Publicly funded study abroad

2005 Swedish publicly funded study abroad, Danish publicly funded study abroad

<Major exhibitions in recent years>

1986 Basel International Art Fair (Basel / Switzerland)

1989 South African Wind and Soil (Accra / Ghana)

2005 Circulation + Undulation (All Golden Museum / Sweden)

2006 Takeshi Shinohara-Biotope Place-Exhibition (Minokamo Civic Museum / Gifu)

2007 Cycle + Recycling Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art / Nagoya)

2008 behind the seen Behind the scenes of art creation (University Museum, The University of Tokyo)

2010 "Knowing the Sound" Art (Aichi Youth Park / Nagoya)

2011 Helsinki Buds (Helsinki Center / Finland)

2012 Fly To The Moon (Nice: Skala Stroop Gallery / Denmark)

2013 Wavy Berners Exhibition (Borgen Museum / Denmark), Wave Exhibition (Hamram Museum, Saunder Museum / Denmark)

Many other exhibitions are held all over the world



<Solo exhibition>

2009 Circulation + Unducation; Circulation and Waves

2011 buds in Helsinki buds in Helsinki

2012 Focusing on the world collection of images

2013 Derivation: Origin of rotation

​ <Special Exhibition>

2015 Shape or pre-born collection centered on 2

something new, with feel art 10

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