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Kouichi Uchida (1969-)


Ceramic artist, contemporary artist, antique collector, art director. Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from Aichi Prefectural Seto Pottery Senior High School in Aichi Prefecture, he moved to the city of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, While he works as a potter at pottery factory, he established his originality and exhibited his first solo exhibition at the age of 21. He built a kiln at the age of 23 in 1992. he embarked on a journey of visiting many potteries across the world. Living and working in many places, he learned how to work in clay of each region through hands-on experience. He wasn't raised in the apprenticeship system of the ceramic art world, nor was he accumulating awards in a large parliamentary group. He has not had a teacher and has been engaged in solo exhibition activities without belonging to art association, but in 2003, at the age of 33, a large-scale solo exhibition was held at the Paramita museum in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture. The book was published as "UCHIDA KOUICHI" (published by Kyuryudo).


Currently, he is iconic figure of modern ceramic art, frequently exhibiting in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Australia, etc., and at the exhibition held every month somewhere in Japan, there is a line from the previous day. It is said to be one of the ceramic artist that antique dealers want to have for the future. The work fascinates Sōoku Sen, a master of Mushanokoji senke, and Hiroshi Sugimoto, a contemporary artist. He has a lot of fans in cooking, such as “Kogetsu”, "Hasegawa", "Yoshii", and the world's number one restaurant "noma" selected as a dish when opening a pop-up restaurant in Tokyo. In November 2015, He opened the private museum "BANKO archive design museum" not only he made permanent exhibition of “Banko”, traditional pottery in Yokkaichi, but also he exhibit original exhibition which based in Kogei (japanese craft) and life style design product from his unique perspective.


Not only his art but he directed many places. Such as one guest only cottage "Tada-Tada” in Otsushima Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a hotel "RIVER RETREAT Goraku" architect by Hiroshi Naito in Toyama, Gallery “On" at Aqua Ignis in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture, 12 villas hotel “Sosuikyo yunoyama", and "VISON", Japan's largest complex resort facility near grand shrine Ise. He continues to publish a wide range of artwork and has been highly evaluated on each side. His books include "UCHIDA KOUICHI" Togu-Do and "MADE IN JAPAN" Anonima Studio.

<Museum & Public Exposition>

2018 「Kouichi Uchida, designing the era」The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo

2017 「Source of Shapes」Rakusuitei Museum, Toyama

2013 「Kouichi Uchida Exhibition」paramita museum, Mie

2012 「Crossed Viewpoint and Forms Exhibition」

            Sapporo Art Museum、Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido

            The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Niigata

2011 「Power of creation : creators for every day life」

            21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

            SOFA Fair Chicago

2010 「3rd the Muse Tomo Prize Contemporary Ceramics for the tea Ceremony.

           Free Creativity and Atypical Usage」 Musée Tomo, Tokyo

         「About the Tea Ceremony—a Viewpoint on Contemporary Studio Crafts」Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

2009 「43th Tea ceremony in meiji mura」The museum Meiji-mura, Inuyama Aichi

2008   Contemporary ceramic art in Tokai through the expression of young artists. Aichi Prefectural ceramic museum, Aichi

           SOFA Fair New York, melbourne art fair

2006 「Ceramic NOW+ 」The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo

2003 「UCHIDA KOUICHI」paramita museum, Mie

2000 「Utsuwa: Thoughts on Contemporary Vessels」Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

2022 ART FAIR TOKYO 2022(Gallery NAO MASAKI)

2023 「Various things」(Gallery ON THE HILL、Tokyo)

   Solo exhibition(Art salon KOGEN, Aichi)


<Solo Exhibition>

Galerie Besson, London、Kuroda-Touen, Tokyo、Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe、Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya and etc.

< Books>

2015 「The world of Banko pottery : Originarity from ingenuity and creativity」Seibundo Shinkosha

2014 「Source of Shape」BIJUTSU SHUPPAN-SHA

2011 「MADE IN JAPAN : The things natural」anonima studio

2004 「box of tea」 Rutles

2003 「UCHIDA KOUICHI」Kyuryudo


< Colletions>

The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, Shiseido Art House, paramita museum, Rakusuitei Museum, etc.

At Gallery NAO MASAKI (a.k.a. Gallery feel art zero)

<Solo Exhibition>
2021 「Base and Elements / Iron and Soil」


2015 「The Space with vase」

2011 「像 HITOGATA」

2008 「born;生まれくるかたち」


<Group Exhibition>

2023 "AWAHI"Arle, France

2013「Khoichi Uchida×Kohei Oda Cactus Base Space」

2012 「Furniture by Artist」

2009 「Back from Egypt」

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