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Kouichi Uchida Kouhei Oda

Cactus universe


"When I look at the cactus that Oda only wears, I get an image of the vessel I want to make. Everything is really unique and interesting."

It is the unique cacti that made the potter Koichi Uchida groan. If you look closely, you will find that there is a wide variety of microcosmos.

For some reason, the pristine world seems to be seen in the strange plant appearance that resembles the desolate landscape.

The plants lined up here are not normal growth processes, but have evolved uniquely due to special circumstances.

This time, with this 0 as a vessel, cactus bonsai that is not a microcosm of various sizes envisioned by Kouichi Uchida and Kouhei Oda are lined up.

We hope you enjoy the collaboration between two strange artists and cacti.


Nao Masaki


Kouichi Uchida

Ceramic artist / 1969 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture   1990 Completed the Department of Ceramics, Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High School. Since 1993, he has been active mainly in solo exhibitions. ) 2003 "UCHIDA KOUICHI" Exhibition (Paramita Museum, Mie Prefecture) Published "UCHIDA KOUICHI" from Koryudou 2004 "Quiet Nakata Uchida Kouichi Works 2003-2004" (Toyama Prefecture 4th MUSEUM RIVER RETREAT Gakukyu) 2006 "Ceramic Now + for the present and future of ceramics" (Hyogo Ceramics Museum), "JAPANESE CRAFT" (London Galerie Besson) 2008 "Tokai Contemporary Ceramics Now" by up-and-coming ceramics artists (Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Museum), "aim" (art in mino) '08 ・ Growing from the soil ”Exhibition (Tajimi City, Toki City, Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture) 2009“ The 43rd “Meijimura Tea Party” Japanese Garden, Nodot Chairman in charge ”(Meiji, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture) Mura) 2010 "3rd Satoshi Museum of Art Grand Prize Exhibition: Contemporary Tea-Freedom of Modeling" Exhibition (Kikuchi Tomo Museum of Art, Tokyo) "Tea Ceremony: A Perspective on Contemporary Crafts" Exhibition (Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Crafts Museum) 2011 "MADE IN JAPAN" Uchida Koichi Collection "Exhibition (Chiba Prefecture museum as it is)," Uchida Koichi Tea Space "Exhibition (Tomoyama Prefectural Museum of Art) 2012 Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale (Niigata Prefecture Tokamachi) , "Crossing Perspectives and Shapes" Exhibition (Sapporo Art Museum / Hokkaido Kushiro Art Museum), etc., produced and presented in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, West Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, China, India, America, South America, etc. .. At gllery feel art zero (currently Gallery NAO MASAKI)  -2008 "born; born form" 2009 "Egypt return exhibition"   2011 "Statue HITOGATA" 2012 "Furniture Exhibition by Artists" and "ART NAGOYA 2012" (at Westin Nagoya Castle).



Kouhei Oda

Botanical shop "Mura-Qusamura" owner / Born in Hiroshima in 1976. When I was in my twenties, I was impressed by how a flower artist worked on the space production of a select shop in Paris, where I was traveling. After returning to Japan, after training, he opened a flower shop in Hiroshima. While exploring the possibilities of plants, when I delivered them to a global art collector, I was shocked to see the damaged plants and say, "The fighting plants are beautiful." Since then,   "has a nice face" Based on the selection of plants, he has been active as a plant shop pursuing unique beauty.

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