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Ceramic / Kouichi Uchida (1969 ~)  

SIMPLE FORMS  Simple form


Stand as it is

When I moved to this place, I started with an exhibition by Mr. Koichi Uchida.

At that time, when I saw the simple pottery of unnamed craftsmen at the Metropolitan Museum in NY, I wondered what kind of world Koichi Uchida would show ... I was excited.

Ten years have passed since then, and once again, Mr. Uchida's desire to have a dialogue with the soil and to make things that return to the starting point has come true. This time, not only pottery, but also works that transcend the categories of materials such as objects and paintings will appear, and the "simple shape" that the artist himself has seen and felt in time, and such accumulation appears. This is an exhibition entitled. We hope that you can experience the space created by a rare artist with a powerful and simple work.


Nao Masaki

April 2018

Kouichi Uchida

1969 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

1990 Completed Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High School Ceramics Course

1992 Moved to Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture and became independent

1993 Activities centered on solo exhibitions

2000 "Crafts that live in life looking at containers" Exhibition (National Crafts Museum, Tokyo)

2003 "UCHIDA KOUICHI" Exhibition (Paramita Museum, Mie Prefecture)

Published a collection of works "UCHIDA KOUICHI" from Kyuryudo

2004 "Quiet Nakata Uchida Kouichi Works 2003 2004" (Toyama Prefecture 4th MUSEUM RIVER RETREAT Gagaku Club)

2006 "Ceramic Now + for the present and future of ceramic art" (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Ceramic Art), "SOFA" (New York)  , Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, West Africa, Vietnam, Produced and announced in Thailand, South Korea, China, India, USA, South America, etc.



<Solo exhibition>

2008 "born"

2011 "Statue HITOGATA"

2015  "Space with a container"

2018 `` SIMPLE FOR MS''

<Special Exhibition>

2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition"

2012 "Furniture Exhibition by Artists", "Lucky Things Exhibition"

2013 "Koichi Uchida x Kohei Oda Cactus Universe"

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