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Kouichi Uchida



In the world of art, what do we feel through our works, how writers change, and how do we live?

There is a world that has always been established in that exchange.

I feel that they are not old or new, but a world created by facing each other sincerely.


Kouichi Uchida was born in a family that runs an ironworks, and grew up in an environment where he can feel manufacturing by making things with the iron scraps and tools around him while freely going in and out of the factory from an early age. rice field.


After graduating from Ceramics High School, he wanders around the world to fill up the energy he has left, and when he notices, he stays at his destination and begins to cook. While traveling between overseas and Japan, I also work as a wage-raising craftsman at a pottery factory in Yokkaichi.

The experience of experiencing and getting to know these things with the skin appears as a natural and easy-going form of today's Uchida work, and has captured the hearts of many people who transcend genres.


The first day is August 6, 66 years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. And it will be an exhibition in the current situation of excessive civilization.


Kouichi Uchida, who is a talented person in the ceramic art world, is always a heretic. This is the second solo exhibition in three years, and this exhibition is entitled " HITOGATA", and faces the original shape of him, centering on the primitive modeling world centered on human figures.


While enjoying communication with writers and works, how we feel and how we respond, we hope that we can open our eyes to this era and walk steadily.


Nao Masaki



Kouichi Uchida

1969 Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

1990 Completed the Department of Ceramics, Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics High School

1992 Moved to Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture and became independent

1993 Activities centered on solo exhibitions

2000 "Crafts that live in life" exhibition Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo)

2003 "UCH IDA KOUICHI" Exhibition Paramita Museum (Mie) Collection of works "UCHIDA KOUICHI" published by Koryudou

2004 Quiet form "Uc hida Kouichi" Works: 2003-2004 4th MUSEUM RIVER RETREAT Masaraku Club (Toyama)

2006 "Ceramic Now + for the present and future of ceramic art" Hyogo Ceramic Art Museum (Hyogo) / "SOFA" (New York), Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, India, West Afri Produced and announced in Ka, South America, etc.


<Solo exhibition> 2008 "born; the thing will born"

<Special Exhibition> 2009 "Return to Egypt Exhibition"

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