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Noriko Toyama (1943 - )


Born 1943 in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture. Began painting after meeting an art teacher at a private junior high school in Tsu city.

Held solo exhibitions in Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Tsu city, Matsusaka and other cities from the mid-1980s, her last being at the age of 60, but she has continued to paint ever since. In 2008, she held 'Colour Painting' at Gallery Nao Masaki, which was well received.

2008 vol.12 “Painting with Colour”

2010 vol.29 “Colour and strokes”

2013 vol.57 “70 paintings”

2015 vol.80 "something new with feel art 10"

2016 vol.89 “Spring Colours”

2018 vol.110 “Traces TRACES OF PAINTING”

2021 vol.133 "Days"

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