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Painting/Noriko Tomiyama (1943-)



daily traces


Matière is sometimes compared to a painter's fingerprint.

The daily traces may be like fingerprints that only that person can produce.

Paint over, scratch, peel, and draw again.

When Ms. Noriko Tomiyama first encountered her work more than ten years ago, she lost her beloved family and was at the bottom of despair.

She has no intention of exhibiting his paintings anymore. I have only inherited a few for designing the interior of a coffee shop for decoration on the wall.

Since then, every time I contact her and ask her about hers current situation, she always replies,"I draw every day."

Several years have passed, and one day when I contacted her in the same way, she said, "Maybe the deceased also wants it. I can't do it", she resumed his presentation at the exhibition.

A painter's daily life is in her works. The colors of each day are diverse, casual events, joys, and sorrows pile up, leave a trace as a painting.

Ms. Noriko Tomiyama's 10th year exhibition at Gallery NAO MASAKI.

I would appreciate it if you could see it again with the traces of.


Nao Masaki

February 2018


Noriko Tomiyama

Painter. Born in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture in 1943. At a private junior high school in Tsu City, she met an art teacher and started painting.

Held solo exhibitions in Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Tsu, and Matsusaka from the mid-80s. Her last solo exhibition at the age of 60However, even after that, she continues to draw pictures. 2008 Held Painting in Color, Gallery NAO MASAKI, provoke a reaction.



<Solo Exhibition>

September 2008 "Painting in Color"

October 2010 "Colors and Lines"

April 2013 "70 paintings"

February 2016 Spring color Special Exhibition

2015 "something new with feel art 10"

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