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Noriko Tomiyama

2021. 6.12 sat-27 sun

open : 13:00 - 19:00

close : Tuesday・Wednesday

Meet the Artist 6/27 sun

"Daily painting"

Since last year, a chaotic situation has emerged in front of people all over the world. The days of the painter Noriko Tomiyama may have been even more withdrawn, however the world of her own expression has not changed. "Here is such a countryside, and I think I was rebellious when I was young." Now? When I ask, there are days when I leave it to my heart and paint, tear, and draw. There is an era in that little daily life, and many personal events, life and death, and small emotions are quietly piled up. Although I don't say much, the works that Nobuko Toyama continues to draw at the center of her life, "I can only do this," have a deep color that swallows time.


Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki

Noriko Tomiyama _ Painter

Born in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture in 1943. He met an art teacher at a private junior high school in Tsu City and started painting activities. Since the mid-1980s, he has held solo exhibitions in Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Tsu, Matsusaka, etc. This is his last solo exhibition at the age of 60, but he continues to draw pictures after that.

In 2008, "Color Painting" was held at feel art zero, and received a lot of attention. Even now, at the age of 78, he continues to produce every day.
[At Gallery Nao Masaki]
<Solo exhibition> 2008 "Color paintings", 2010 "Colors and lines", 2013 "70 paintings", 2016 "Spring colors", 2018 "Traces"

<Special Exhibition> 2015 "something new, with feel art 10"

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