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Noriko Tomiyama (1943 ~) 

Spring color


__The colors that I keep drawing every day overlap with time and reflect the changing hearts and seasons _____

This is the 4th painting exhibition by Noriko Toyama. The world of unique color paintings is close to the viewer's heart and quietly permeates as if to say something that cannot be conveyed.

At the time of the first exhibition at Feel Art Zero, Toyama was 65 years old.

For the first few years of the encounter, he stubbornly refused to hold the exhibition, saying, "I stopped presenting. " Every time I asked, I got the answer, "Yes, I draw every day. There is only that." I am deeply impressed to have the opportunity to make a presentation together. Even in this exhibition, which is the first time in three years since the last 70-year-old commemorative exhibition "70 paintings", the color world that Mr. Toyama draws every day continues.

Please enjoy the world of slowly flowing colors and mental paintings.


Nao Masaki



Noriko Tomiyama

Painter. Born in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture in 1943. Encountered an art teacher at a private junior high school in Tsu City and started painting.

Held solo exhibitions in Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Tsu, Matsusaka, etc. from the mid-1980s. This is his last solo exhibition at the age of 60, but he continues to paint after that.

2008 "Color painting" was held at Gallery Nao Masaki, and received a lot of attention.


<Solo exhibition>

September 2008 "Paintings of Color"

October 2010 "Colors and Lines"

April 2013 "70 paintings"

<Special Exhibition>

2 0 15 "something new with feel art 10"

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