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Wolfgang Seierl

Dividuum / Caput mortuum

2023.7.15(sat) - 7.30(sun)

Open : 13:00 - 19:00

Closed : Tue, Wed

Artist will be at 7.15(Sat),16(Sun)

The topic of my current work is Dividuum (... That's where the molecular-revolutionary machines separate and meet Body machines, the social machines with the text machines, there emerges from manifold spirit hand the dividual-abstract line. Gerald Raunig, an Austrian philosopher)
The term dividual (that which can be divided) goes back to the Theologian Gilbert of Poitiers (around 1100), who thus dichotomy of the individual and the general breaks through and a new one dimension in which the parts of a non-whole are divided into a non-hierarchical, transversal relationship can be set. The individual arises in the scattering, in the transversal distribution, in the drawing of the abstract line that crosses and links concrete individual things. Even today used to describe recent capitalist transformations, rather, the dividual view enables us to see molecular revolutions and associated processes of becoming to be discovered without looking at the representation of the unified subject by authorities, parties or avant-gardes to be dependent.

The series „Caput mortuum“ (2021): In his work cycle "Caput mortuum", Latin for „skull“, Wolfgang Seierl first refers to the pigment of the same name made from iron sulphate, which resembles the color of coagulated blood and which has been found in Seierl's works for a long time. This cycle is a confrontation with nothing less than death and at the same time with human life. The literary-philosophical reference in this work, which determines its intention more closely. is Friedrich Nietzsche's second Dionysus dithyramb, in which the "glowing brown" corresponds to the color and the image of the "desert" to its meaning. The picture of death drawn by Nietzsche is ambivalent: fire and light, and sand. Man is the caput mortuum in the desert.
There is another central element in Seierl's work, that of fire and its traces - burn marks. As Goethe writes in his Theory of Colors, fire increases the intensity of the color pigments, and black is also created by burning. And really, the pictorial elements reminiscent of wounds, injuries and burn marks transport intensities and energies.

Wolfgang Seierl

Caput mortmort_240x200.jpg

When we compare the word 'molecular revolution' with the thought and expressive activity of Wolfgang Seierl, we can say that he has been carrying on a series of small revolutions through his painting work and contemporary music. The smallest and strongest revolutions are in the liberation and empowerment of the individual subject and in the self. It is not threatened by the outside, but strengthened by deep contemplation, making small and beautiful revolutions on a molecular level. The two series in this exhibition, “Dividium" and "Caput Mortum", mean 'division' or 'skull' in Latin. The transparent white circle is a bone, a circular phase, a planet and a molecular structure. The endless layers that quiver and move between small and large worlds extend deep into space beyond the screen, like a consciousness that exists without borders, like the world of sound. His works seem to be more connected through the world of consciousness.

Nao Masaki

Wolfgang Seierl

Born 1955, Vienna. Studied painting, philosophy, guitar, musicology and composition in Vienna and Salzburg. Artistic and curatorial activities in the fields of music and visual arts. As a painter, Seierl has exhibited in solo and group shows in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe, as well as in Japan, Taiwan and the USA. He has also given numerous performances and concerts nationally and internationally, and has received numerous awards in the fields of both music and art.


1955 Born in Vienna,  Austria 

1973 Studied art, music and theatre at the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

1987 She has worked in Berlin (1987), Paris (1988, 1992, 1995), New York (1989), Budapest (1990), Krakow (1992/93) and at the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts/USA (1993), with funding from various countries.

1991 Invited to the International Painting Symposium in Werfen (Austria).

   Commissioned to create paintings related to W.A. Mozart for the exterior walls of Salzburg Airport.

1995 Invited to a symposium at St Lambrecht's Abbey in Austria.

1997 Commissioned to create a mural in Salzburg.

1999/2000 Awarded a grant by German, Frankfurt

2003 Published「Le Projecteur」with Gert Jonke(Éditions Akié Arichi、Paris)。

2004 Visit India

2005 Awarded a grant by Poland

2006 Visit Japan

2007 Residence at Atelier outotsu(Nishinowaki, Japan)

2009 Awarded a grant by Lithuania, visit Japan

2010 Artist residence in Winter green festival(Virginia/USA)

    vol.26 Wolfgang Seierl, Gallery NAO MASAKI


2017 vol.103 Painting  WOLFGANG SEIERL, Gallery NAO MASAKI

2018 Published「Von Schüssen die Küsse」(Edition Thurnhof/Toni Kurz)

2021 Published「Le circuit des évidences」


[Public collections].

Albertina (Vienna), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum (St. Pölten), Carolino Augusteum Museum (Salzburg), Le Pertinum (Salzburg), City of Vienna, Salzburg and Klagenfurt (Austria), Kunsthaus Nexus, Saalfelden; Kiseri Museum, Budapest, Hungary; City of Unna, Germany; New York Public Library, New York; Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts, Amherst, USA; Sammlung Hartmann (D/A) a.o.

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