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Painting / WOLFGANG SEIERL (1955-)


An artist based in Austria who continues to produce and present

This is Wolfgang Seierl's second exhibition for the first time in two years.

The last exhibition attracted many people in the world of such rare works.


Seierl is also active as a composer of contemporary classical music, and his paintings are a perfect fusion of a beautiful melody-like balance and a dignified, quiet and dynamic color scene as an abstract expression. That talent is being played.


Energetic creative activities never stop, producing wonderful works one after another, and continue to make and present stays not only in Austria but also inside and outside Europe.

This time, in 2010, we interviewed indigenous people in the land of native Indians of American power, and made impressive works using local red clay, and the series of [Geometry and Color] presented in Paris in 2012. Will also appear.


In Japan as well, we have held a total of three exhibitions with the opening of the gallery in Kobe and the Gallery NAO MASAKI in Nagoya since 2006.

With the desire to introduce this wonderful view of the world to as many people as possible in Japan, a joint exhibition will be held in two locations, Nagoya and Kobe.


We hope that you will take this precious opportunity to visit both galleries and experience the unique sensibilities of him.


Nao Masaki


Wolfgang Seierl / Painter / Musician / Composer

Born in Vienna in 1955. Studied painting, philosophy, guitar, musicology and composition in Salzburg, Vienna. As a painter, he has exhibited solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. In addition, many performances and concerts have appeared in Japan and overseas. In recent years, he has also collaborated with contemporary dancer Toshiko Oka's "Ensemble Zone".

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