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Painting / WOLFGANG SEIERL (1955-)


Painting approach


We will hold an exhibition for the first time in five years by Wolfgang Seierl, who has an exceptional talent as a painter and musician living in Austria .

The subtle madness hidden under the gentle colors that seem to be wrapped in oblates appear as lines or strong colors.


W. Seierl talks about his recent work [Banner: Resistance to Kindness]: "This series is a political work with the best sense of language that unfolds the ambiguity in the mind and the fears and limitations that the ambiguity shows us . It's not because I think about the question, but because it goes beyond thinking and goes into complex relationships with the colors and strokes of the painting. "

A sign of silence that exudes from the canvas and gently dominates the entire space. W. Seierl's painting approach, in which each one is independent but interferes with each other and resonates with each other, makes us feel the concept of "Zen" that he has been deeply interested in in recent years and the origin of this world itself. There is also a concept. We would appreciate it if you could see the works of artists who are delicate and have excellent sensibilities . We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Austrian Embassy for their support in holding this exhibition .

Nao Masaki

June 2017


Wolfgang Seierl / Painter / Musician / Composer

Born in Vienna in 1955. Studied painting, philosophy, guitar, musicology and composition in Salzburg, Vienna. As a painter, Seierl has exhibited solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. In addition, many performances and concerts have appeared in Japan and overseas. In recent years, he has also collaborated with contemporary dancer Toshiko Oka's "Ensemble Zone".

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