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Toru Tsuji (1945 - 1970)


Born in Tokyo, 1945. Wandered around the country before graduating from kindergarten due to his parents' circumstances. His parents divorced and he worked part-time in more than 30 different industries. After seven years in the art department of Nihon University, he dropped out. Participated in editing and photographing PR magazines for distribution and transport. In his search for his own way of expression that went beyond work and was not bound by commercialism, he came to realise the transience of all things, and since then he has continued to take photographs with this transience as his criterion of value. Died in April 2018.




Solo exhibition

2015  vol.85“toki"

    photo book “toki" published


Group exhibitions

2008 vol.14“Homage"

2015 vol.80"something new, with feel art 10"

2019 vol.118 "Toru Tsuji memorial exhibition"

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