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Toru Tsuji



Mr. Toru Tsuji's photographic world is like a quiet and lyrical mental landscape.

It resonates and speaks to the inside of each viewer.

A consistent view of the world with delicate sensibilities that continue to capture the various activities of the natural world that unfold in front of you and the signs of the moments that continue to change.


Since the days of Hachiko and Hibarigaoka, most of the photographs of the guide letters for Gallery NAO MASAKI have been taken by Toru Tsuji.

It is no exaggeration to say that our history was supported by Mr. Toru Tsuji, and in some respects we built together.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the gallery, I am delighted to be able to publish and hold a photo exhibition of Mr. Toru Tsuji's photo book "Toki".

We hope that as many people as possible can see a piece of the work of a wonderful photographer who will turn 70 this year.

Nao Masaki

With 10 years of gratitude

Toru Tsuji's photo is a piece of poetry. It is a form of time (Toki) that contains indescribable air. It's been almost 20 years since I was attracted to the work and kept touching it.

Toru Tsuji does not shoot people. I shoot landscapes, still lifes, roadside flowers and pebbles, and the like. One day, I found a photo with beautiful colors lined up, and when I asked what it was, he told me, "Oh, that's over there." It was a decaying earthen wall. The subject may be a grass that looks like it's coming out of a concrete gap, or a sandy beach that is washed by the waves in a distant time. It looked like a beautiful painting with time stopped, and the quiet delicacy of a piece of poetry calmed down to hide its sharp sensibility. He is an artist who keeps shooting the universe with an extremely Japanese sensibilities and depictions, relying only on what is reflected in the retina of his heart, consciously and unconsciously moving away from commercial expressions. Toki is the very fundamental theme of Toru Tsuji's photography. When it changes ... It's a universal figure that has a shape in this world, no matter how tough it may be, even in the wilderness. There are countless photographs that I have continued to face and capture each and every one of those swords. He looks into the lens to find his own aesthetics and the answers to endless questions in the subject, prints the time of real-world activity on the negative of his mind, and projects it on film. ancestor

This is the world of afterimages of light and darkness that emerges in the depths of the chest and the back of the mind, which leads to the photographic world of Toru Tsuji, and is the time of ephemeral and beautiful life.

(From the postscript of the photo book "Toki")


Toru Tsuji

Born in Tokyo in 1945. Wander around the country without waiting for the kindergarten graduation. Worked part-time in more than 30 industries.

Dropped out after 7 years at Nihon University College of Art. Participated in the editing of distribution and transportation related PR magazines, and was involved in shooting. While seeking his own expression that goes beyond work and is not bound by commercial rhythm, he arrives at the fragility of the universe, and after that he continues to take photographs with that fragility as his standard of value.


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2008 "homage"

2015 "something new, with feel art 10"

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