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田中健太郎 (1977 - )


Painter. Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1977. He is involved in various projects, such as illustrations for magazines, advertisements and books, product creation in collaboration with companies and brands, scenography, wall painting and live painting, while regularly presenting his work in solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad and holding workshops to make art accessible to the public. His work is characterised by a play of space that seems to create silence, and by the development of his paintings in delicate layers that weave between the dots. He depicts animals and plants that are dignified yet somehow melancholy.


    “GENERATION”, Firenze

    “Do it”, Gallery T・Y・K-TWO, Roppongi, Tokyo

   “T.I.S special exhibition”, Ginza, Tokyo

1999 “FOOD CAFE”, New York, USA

    “FIEND”, New York, USA

    “Shinko Okuhara x Kentarou Tanaka” Gallery 80’, Harajuku,Tokyo

2001 SPACE PRIZM, Nagoya, Japan

2002 Makii Masaru fine arts, Shinbashi, Tokyo

    THINK ZONE, Roppongi, Tokyo

2003 “HALLE saint-Pierre”, Paris

    “CANNABIS”, Harajuku, Tokyo

    “OFFICE”, Aoyama, Tokyo

2004 “Skapara exhibition”, all over the PARCO in Japan

    “NOS”, Ebisu, Tokyo

2006 “Artdish”, Kagurazaka, Tokyo

2007 “Omotesando Art Fair”, H,P DECO

2008 “HARIDWAR”, point, Ebisu

2009 vol.15 ”Strange box” Gallery NAO MASAKI

2011 vol.33 “Heart Beat” Gallery NAO MASAKI

2014 vol.67 “Feeling of the sense” Gallery NAO MASAKI

2015 vol.80 “something new, with feel art 1” Gallery NAO MASKAI

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