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Kentarou Tanaka



In his twenties, he ran through with a keen sensitivity. And now, Kentaro Tanaka, who is in his thirties and has passed the middle stage.

Following the previous exhibition "Heart Sound" dedicated to his father, last year when he was given a new life, his affection and excitement gave Kentaro Tanaka a great energy again.

However, creating a work is a ray of joy and light that is found in the lonely work that always goes inward. Collage works will also appear this time, and it will show Kentaro Tanaka, a picture book, which is not a picture book accumulated in the forehead.


Nao Masaki



Draw as you feel. Sometimes I think I can't do that forever.

Until I can make a picture, most of it is tied to my head and my body is heavy, so I draw while dragging it.

Most of it is a simple task.

Meanwhile, I was suddenly drawn into the lines and colors in front of me, and my body wanted to move.

I want to capture such really short moments and feelings as long as possible.

In this "figure", I intend to capture as much as possible the trivial emotions that disappear every day.


Kentarou Tanaka


Kentarou Tanaka

1977 Born in Shiga prefecture. Painter and illustrator. In a primitive and vibrant expression, he holds exhibitions in Florence, Paris, New York, etc., and also holds solo exhibitions mainly in the Kanto region in Japan. He is also energetically working on various projects such as illustrations for magazines, books, and the web, collaboration with companies and apparel brands, and space production.


<Solo exhibition>

2009 "Strange Box"

2011 "heartbeat"

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