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Kentarou Tanaka

Heart sounds


Following the previous "Strange Box", Kentaro Tanaka's new exhibition "Kokoro" is the first in two years.

In this exhibition, a world of gentle colors has been added to the previous works expressed in sumi-iro.


"You can go anywhere on paper. You can go anywhere."

Yes, I remember what he was talking about for a long time.

His paper world is attractive for its simple and delicate flat style and the mystery that exists in a different dimension.


Kentaro Tanaka who lives hard and continues to draw.

Feel the world of his straightforward creation.

Nao Masaki

Heart sounds

Listen to my heart I always have something to draw in my head. Everyday for someone is extraordinary for someone, not the same time or feeling.

By drawing everyday things for me, I show my face on paper in dots, lines and colors.

It spills over and disappears repeatedly, trying to become something.

In such a time, the picture turns into oneself instead of a picture.

These things, which I heard in my heart, are irreplaceable everyday life.

I want to be grateful and grateful that I ca n't live without drawing, and that I can draw now no matter what .

I don't know if the painting will help anyone.

However, I have been saved by drawing, and I have received power from many paintings.

I hope that the picture will get into my head and spend some time.

I pray that the victims of the earthquake will be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.


And now, I will send this heartbeat to my father who is fighting illness.

Tanaka Kentaro



Kentaro Tanaka

1977 Born in Shiga Prefecture

1998 Selected for the 10th Graphic Art "Hitotsubo" Exhibition

    Selected for the 21st Brno International Graphic Biennale

1999 Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design

    Winner of the 11th CNIC Central Newcomer Illustration Competition Grand Prix


1998 GALLERY OPUS, Sicily, Florence

    Exhibitions held in Tokyo, New York, Paris, etc.

2009 Solo exhibition "Strange Box" Gallery NAO MASAKI

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