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Hiroto Nakanishi (1984-)

​Wood carving

Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, he studied woodworking and furniture making in Gifu Prefecture before becoming an independent woodcarver in 2008, and began his career in 2010, mainly through solo exhibitions.
In autumn 2011, he established a home and studio in a former telephone exchange in Shiga Prefecture, as he felt the limitations of urban life, as the wood he uses for his work is not the usual sawn timber he sells, but wood that has been damaged by insects or decay. He creates his works using logs he encounters at that time, such as fallen trees from disasters and thinned wood.
He believes that his works do not start from finding materials according to a concept or image, but rather from a dialogue with materials that only he can encounter at that time.


Solo Exhibition

2023 "Forms that make you perceive" Chiso Gallery, Kyoto

2022 “Hiroto Nakanishi Exhibition" DEE'S HALL, Tokyo
2021 "Tsunagu" Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya, Japan
2019 "Yadorigi -trees divine spirit resides in-" Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya

2018 「Hiroto Nakanishi Exhibition」DEE'S HALL, Tokyo

2017 「elements of composition」 SOUTOUSYA KYOTO

         「Arawasu 現す」Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya

         「What I See」SOUTOUSYA KYOTO  

2016 「Hiroto Nakanishi Exhibition」 DEE'S HALL, Tokyo  

2015 「trees and flowers」DEE'S HALL, Tokyo

         「Katadoru 象る」Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya 

2014 「Sonosugata その姿」Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya 

         「wooden Dishes」Kochuraku, Kagoshima 

2013 「Hiroto Nakanishi Exhibition 」Sotosha, Kobe 

         「Wooden Flower Vases」 DEE'S HALL, Tokyo 

2012 「Vases」 DEE'S HALL, Tokyo

         「wooden Dishes」Kochuraku, Kagoshima

2010 「Wooden Flower Vases」 DEE'S HALL, Tokyo

Group Exhibition

2023 "Awahi : visible - invisible" Gallery NAO MASAKI in VAGUE, Arles
2022 art stage OSAKA2022, Osaka / 'KUROBIKARI KUROBIKARI' THE SHOP HOUSE, Hong Kong
2021 BRAFA in the Galleries,Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya
2020 Seika no Kai Craft Festival, Tokyo / 'Knitting', MARUYO HOTEL, Kuwana
2019 Art Fair Tokyo 2019, Tokyo

   'Tsuji Toru Memorial Exhibition -Utsutsu-' Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya
HAND CRAFTED MODERN Pierre Jeanneret's Life with Furniture and Art, Tokyo

2019 「KATACHI」Art Fair Tokyo 2019, Gallery NAO MASAKI, Tokyo

2015 「something new,with feel art 10」Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya

2012 「Takeshi Sakamura Exhibition」Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto

         「貌 katachi」Gallery NAO MASAKI, Nagoya

         「Autumn and tea Dishes」Baishinka, Tokyo



Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, HOTEL THE CELESTINE KYOTO GION, Nihonbashi TAKASHIMAYA department store, etc.

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