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Kohei Oda


Born 1976 in Hiroshima. In his 20s, while travelling around the world, he was impressed by the way floral artists created spaces in select shops in Paris, which he visited on his travels. After returning to Japan, he began to work on space design using fresh flowers and plants. After several years, when he began to feel the limitations of using uniform flowers and plants, he met a world-renowned art collector and was struck by his comment, "Fighting plants are beautiful", when he saw a damaged plant after delivery. Since then, he has changed his criteria for selecting plants from well-formed beauty to whether they have a 'good face'. In 2012, he opened Qusamura, a plant shop that proposes unique beauty.




2013 vol.59 "Cactus, vessel, universe"

2015 vol.81 "Everyday life or extraordinary scenes"

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