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Kouhei Oda Mitsugu Sato

Everyday or extraordinary scenery


Living things and things that used to live intersect.

Mitsugu Sato, an artist who continues to produce using drifting objects (garbage) that arrives from daily life, and Kouhei Oda, a sect who continues to pursue beauty in the essential vitality that jumps over the concept of foliage plants centered on succulents. A unique collaboration.


Oda of Mura matches innovative works such as "Glasses bowl" where you can enjoy the appearance of plants seen through the lens of glasses and "Bowl for letting plants listen to music" where Sato's contemporary music arranged by cutting a music box is played. The mystery of plants makes you feel the story.


With Mitsugu Sato's unique sense and delicate work, the things that have finished their former roles are reborn as works of mysterious pots for mysterious plants. The act will overlap with the plants found from the aesthetic eyes of Kohei Oda, who continues to challenge new values beyond the genre of appreciating plants, and will give the viewer the energy of a powerful existence.

Nao Masaki



Botanical shop "Mura-Qusamura" owner / Born in Hiroshima in 1976. When I was in my twenties, I was impressed by how a flower artist worked on the space production of a select shop in Paris, where I was traveling. After returning to Japan, after training, he opened a flower shop in Hiroshima. While exploring the possibilities of plants, when I delivered them to a global art collector, I was shocked to see the damaged plants and say, "The fighting plants are beautiful." Since then, he has been active as a plant shop pursuing unique beauty based on the selection of plants that "have a good face".

2013 "Cactus Instrument Space Koichi Uchida x Kohei Oda"




Artist / Born in Osaka in 1971. After dropping out of the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts, he wandered from China to Asian countries, the United States, and Latin American countries. In 1998, after moving to Wakayama City, he resumed his career as a writer using drifting objects. Starting with a solo exhibition in Osaka in 2005, he has held exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya, etc. Moved to Nagoya in 2010. "While picking up the drifting objects, I realized that I was the drifting objects," says Sato. In 2014, [Travel Report, Part 1], which describes his strange life, was published and featured in various media.


Major public exhibitions

2011 Art Court Frontier 2010 (Osaka)   2012 Contemporary Art Exhibition Position 2012 at Nagoya City Museum of Art-The World Seen from This Place-


<Solo exhibition>

2009  Mitsugi Sato Exhibition

2011  Mitsugi Sato Exhibition

<Special Exhibition>

2012 "Furniture Exhibition by Artists"

2013 "The book as ART; the image of a book or the extracted shape."

2015 "something new, with feel art 10"

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