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Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer(1964 - )


Born 1964, mainly work in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art with a degree in commercial design before moving to the USA. Studied glass at the California Institute of Arts and Crafts and later became a glass studio specialist at the Utatsuyama Craft Studio in Kanazawa. Based on her experience at the studio, she started the glass design and production unit 'factory zoomer' in 1996. At the same time, she began working in the field of contemporary art. As an artist, she expresses the distortions and dangers of everyday life. She designs and produces glassware with the aim of setting a new standard for glassware. Curates activities to root art in the town of Kanazawa (Another Movement). To date, she has exhibited and presented her work in Japan and abroad in her own unique style that does not adhere to established genres. Exhibitions have been held throughout Japan, as well as in Seoul, Taipei, Europe and North America.

1996 Starts glass design and production unit 'factory zoomer'.

1999 Establishment of glass studio 'factory zoomer'.

2005 Opened direct-managed shop 'factory zoomer/shop'.

2008 Published 'Daily Life - Works of Kazumi Tsuji'.

2009 Kanazawa City Cultural Activity Award

2010 - 2016 Serves as director of the Lifestyle Crafts Project.

2012 - 16 General director of 'lifestyle craft shoplabo monotohito' in Kanazawa Hirosaka.

2014 vol.70 'in ; the glass', Gallery NAO MASAKI

2016 Opened 'factory zoomer/gallery'.

2016 vol.97 'still life', Gallery NAO MASAKI

2019 vol.125 'reclaimed blue project / reclaiming blue 2019 Winter'

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