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in; the glass

Momoo Omuro Mica Okuno Kazumi Tsuji Naoko Kato


People have always imagined something as a clue to the unique coolness and transparency of glass materials.


Something hidden in the glass, something inside the glass, or something that the glass itself has, the four female artists involved in the glass are usually vessels, sculptures, and contemporary art expressions.


Even though they are made of the same material, they are attracted to the same material, so each day-to-day world is strongly reflected.

An image between the perspective of the creator and the viewer.

Try to find each [in].

Nao Masaki



1987      Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Glass

1987-90 Kushka Co., Ltd. Designer

1991-1994 Study abroad in the Netherlands, receive Dutch government scholarship

Graduated from Leetfeld Academy Glass Department (Amsterdam)

1996-Part-time lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin High School Art Department (Tokyo)

1997-2002 Aya Glass Studio Cast Lecturer (Kawasaki)

1998-2005 Part-time lecturer at the Department of Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University (Tokyo)

2001      Demonstration (GAS Conference, Corning NY)

2005 2nd Contemporary Glass Awards Exhibition Toyama 2005 Excellence Award (Toyama)

2007 International Glass Exhibition Kanazawa 2007 Jury Prize (Ishikawa)  

2011 Lecture (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Czech Republic)

2012 Workshop Lecturer (Citizen's Atelier, Yokohama Museum of Art)

  In addition, many lecturers.

[Collection of works]     

The National Glass Museum (Netherlands), Design Museum Gent (Belgium)   Glasmueum Alter Hof Herding (Germany), Tokyo Midtown (Tokyo) and many more.


Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Cast glass modeling artist.

In 1996, graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, Department of Crafts, Glass Course. Part-time lecturer in the same department.

The unique sculptural works created from rich imagination have gained widespread support.

Held solo and group exhibitions mainly in the Kanto region.

At gallery feel art zero-

<Solo exhibition>

2006  "The entrance to somewhere"

2008  "Space-time world"

2010  "What happens between fingers"  

<Special Exhibition>  

2012  "UTSUWA --About the container"


Born in Tokyo     Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Crafts and Industrial Design in 1992, and worked at a traditional crafts and gold craftsman's workshop. After that, instead of using glass (parted veil) as a material, he presented his works mainly in solo exhibitions, developing his own world of vessels and lighting.

The born-in-Tokyo artist graduated from Musashino Art University  (studied craft design, especially metal work). After working at an atelier of traditional craftsworkers and metalsmiths, she switched to working with glass and started crafting using a technique called Pâte de verre  (Paste of Glass Technique). Since that time, she has continuously held_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_solo exhibitions to promote her unique works, including vessels and lights.

Kazumi Tsuji

After graduating from California College of the Arts, he established the glass studio "factory zoomer" in 1999. Designing and producing with the aim of setting a new standard for glassware. On the other hand, as an artist, he expresses the distortions and dangers of everyday life. Exhibited and announced works in Japan and overseas in a unique style that does not stick to established genres.

2005 Opened a directly managed store and gallery "factory zoomer / shop".

2008 "Daily Life-Kazumi Tsuji Works" Kami Azusa.

2009 Kanazawa City Cultural Activity Award.

From 2010 to present, Director of Life Crafts Project.

From 2012, he has been the general director of "Life Engineering A Gei shop labo Monotohito" in Hirosaka, Kanazawa.

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