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reclaimed blue project / blue to play  

2019 Winter

kazumi tsuji + factory zoomer / Kazumi Tsuji

2019.12.7 --12.22 

Kazumi Tsuji's attempt to name it "reclaimed blue project" began more than eight years ago. "I thought that if I melted the black glass for disposal that had accumulated in the studio in a jumbled manner, it would turn into gray glass like paint, and a deep blue that could be called indigo was born. A beautiful blue that is not compounded and is remelted without going against the properties of glass, making it look like a bonus. Intuitively, free, a little special, from what was originally garbage Kazumi Tsuji said, "I first wanted to make you feel a little irony because it's the exact opposite and you can feel the value."



She started this project in the first place because she was so shocked to see her glass cups lined up at the flea market. The owner who wants to recycle it instead of trash because it is important, but the creator who creates it creatively may have such feelings even if he understands it in his head. I think this delicacy hidden in a bold and easy-going personality is very Kazumi Tsuji. That's why I was completely convinced.

The simple form of Kazumi Tsuji, which is born after the small scratches and circle in her heart are taken up and accepted, the ones that have been broken, the ones that have failed, the ones that are no longer needed, and the beautiful ones. Blue may really be the color of the power to regenerate something.


This time, Tsuji is working on a distant old shape. "This time, I was interested in what would happen if I made the Joseon white porcelain, which all Japanese people have longed for, and the Chinese Tang and Song era pottery, which was the source of it, through my own filter. Once again, I would like to take on the challenge of regenerating the shape with the recycled raw materials. "


The shape of the past objects that was born in this way has been reborn into the form of Kazumi Tsuji, and it looks like a simple and comfortable wind.

I even feel that people will not evolve without scratches. By the way, we also want to embody the excitement of being able to use the sensors of our hearts to line up, stack, and encounter a new blue world in this project.

Gallery NAO MASAKI Nao Masaki

[Kazumi Tsuji_kazumi tsuji]

After graduating from California College of the Arts, he established the glass studio "factory zoomer" in 1999. Designing and producing with the aim of setting a new standard for glassware. On the other hand, as an artist, he expresses the distortions and dangers of everyday life. Curated an activity (another movement) to root art in the town of Kanazawa. Until now, he has exhibited and announced his works in Japan and overseas in a unique style that does not stick to established genres. 2005 Opened the directly managed store "factory zoomer / shop". 2008 "Daily Life-Kazumi Tsuji Works" Azusa. 2009 Kanazawa City Cultural Activity Award. From 2010 to 2016, he was the director of the Life Crafts Project. 2012-16 Kanazawa Hirosaka is the general director of "Life Craft shop labo Monotohito". 2016 Opened "factory zoomer / gallery". Exhibitions are held all over Japan, Seoul, Taipei, Europe, North America, etc.



<Solo Exhibition> 2016 "STILL LIFE"

<Group Exhibition> 2014 "in; the glass"

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