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Yoshio Kuriki (1954 - )


Born 1950, in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Completed postgraduate studies in sculpture at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Special Visiting Professor at Nagoya University of Arts. Has exhibited his work widely in Japan and abroad.


<Solo exhibitions>

2006 Seto City Museum of Art, Aichi, Japan

2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 GALLERY M, Aichi

2010 Taguchi Art (Gifu)

2012 Künstlergruppe arche, Germany

2014 Taguchi Bijutsu/Hokan Bijutsu (Gifu/Nagoya)

2016 masayoshi suzuki gallery (Okazaki)

2017 masayoshi suzuki gallery (Okazaki)

<Group exhibitions>

1986 Each Spatial Expression Exhibition (The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu)

1988 Feeling House, Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Mie, Japan; City, Space and Wooden Form, Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi, Japan

2006 International workshop forvisual artist Remisen, Denmark

2010 Art terra workshop Hannover, Germany

2011 ART NAGOYA 2011 (Gallery M)

2012 ART FAIR TOKYO 2012 (Taguchi Art)

   ART NAGOYA 2012 (Gallery M)

2013 vol.62, The book as art, Gallery NAO MASAKI

2017 silent white + white shadow RODE UND LANFER (Hannover, Germany)

2019 Yoshio Kuriki and Kiyomi Kuriki exhibition / Taguchi Art (Gifu)

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