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Yoshiko Jinzenji


Graduated from Kyoto Women's University in 1965 and emigrated to North America. Winner of the Provincial Award for Ontario Craft 1979, Canada; returned to Japan in 1980. In 1991, established Studio Jinzenji GRASS House in Bali, Indonesia. Appeared on NHK's 'Oshare Studio'(Fashionable Studio) and 'Waza wo Kiwameru' (Mastering the Art of Quilting). Exhibited at the Tokyo International Quilt Festival - Festival of Cloth, Needle and Thread. Exhibitions, lectures and workshops in the UK, Canada, USA, Indonesia and other countries.


1968-1980 Stayed in North America.

Held numerous solo and group exhibitions from this period.

1990 Established Studio Jinzenji GRASS HOUSE studio in Bali.

2013 Studio closed.

During this period, based in Bali and Kyoto, she worked on quilts originating from Asia.

1994 Explores white and encounters 'bamboo dyeing' through participation in the 'Contemporary Tools Exhibition' produced by Toshihiro Imai.

2005 'The Quilt World of Yuko Jinzenji’ (Kurashiki Folk Crafts Museum).

2007 "Yuko Jinzenji in Kochi Special Exhibition - The World of Quilts: The Divine Colour of Plants" (Makino Botanical Garden, Kochi) and solo exhibitions abroad.

2010 vol.28 "White × 白(shiro)" Gallery NAO MASAKI

2012 vol.48 "Irodori The world of natural dyes by Yuko Jinzenji" Gallery NAO MASAKI

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