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Yoshiko Jinzenji

White x shiro


Yoshiko Jinzenji is a textile artist who travels around the world in her studio and Japan in Bali , Indonesia for nearly 30 years .

She is a well-known quilt writer and the first creator in the world to create white from bamboo dyes.

As the same Japanese, I am proud of the achievements that made the charm of the Orient known to the world in such a simple white .

This wonderful artist is about to make a new start with a sense of mission to pass on the culture to the next generation, increasing the attractiveness of human beings who have spent more than 60 years in their vitality .


"I still remembered that I hadn't told the next generation what I was doing with the true nature (material) . Can you help me?"


Her aura at that time was truly innocent. A straight woman, a pure white cloth I want to convey true white.


Nao Masaki

Toshiko Iwata

Yoshiko Jinzenji

1965 Graduated from Kyoto Women's University

1968-80 Living in North America

1983 Held many solo and group exhibitions since the formation of "Jinzenji Yoshiko Quilt Group"

1991 Established "Studio Jinzenji-GRASS HOUSE" in Bali

1994 Taking the opportunity of exhibiting at the "Modern Tools Exhibition" produced by Toshihiro Imai, he explored white and finally found "bamboo dyeing".

2005 "The World of Yoshiko Jinzenji's Quilt" (Kurashiki Folk Art Museum)

2007 "Yuko Hatazumiji in Kochi Special Exhibition-The World of Quilts: The God of Plants" (Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden)

In addition, hold solo exhibitions overseas


<Permanent collection>

Museum of Arts and Design (New York)

Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

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