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Yoko Wakatsuki (1954 - )


Born 1959 in Aichi, Japan, she completed her studies at the Nagoya College of Art and Design in 1981. In the same year, she joined the print studio Aiueo, but gave up copperplate engraving temporarily after getting married and having a baby. Since then, she has produced and exhibited tableaux and woodblock prints. In 2011, she won the Yamamoto Kanae Triennial Excellence Award, and in 2015, the Sumio Kawakami Woodblock Print Exhibition Jury's Special Award. Since then, she has held solo and group exhibitions in Japan.


<Solo exhibitions>

1981 Gallery OH

1999 Gallery Sawa

2001/ 03/ 05/ 07/09 Gallery Meiho-do

2006 Gallery Jingara

2008 Gallery Aoi

2008 Inagaki Cosmic

2009/ 11 / 13 / 15 / 18 Tisane Infusion

2012 Morioka Shoten, Gallery Stokes, Gallery bianc Meihoudo

2014 SORA

2017 / 20 Gallery A・C・S

<Group exhibitions and awards>

2001 Selected for Liquitex Biennale

2007 "Art of Higashi Mikawa" - exhibited as an artist associated with the local area

2009 Participated in Art Tornado

2011 1st International Woodblock Print Conference, Yamamoto Ting Triennial Prize of Excellence

2012 Kanuma City Kawakami Sumio Woodblock Print Exhibition

2013 Kanuma City Kawakami Sumio Woodblock Print Exhibition, etc.

2015 Kanuma City Kawakami Sumio Woodblock Print Exhibition, Judge's Special Prize

2016 Kawakami Sumio Prize, Kanuma City Kawakami Sumio Woodblock Print Exhibition, Yamamoto Ding Triennial

    - hana -, Gallery NAO MASAKI

2017 Toyohashi Hoshi Shingo Prize Exhibition

2020 CCGA Contemporary Graphic Arts Centre, 'Resonant Time'.

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