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Flower -hana

Setsuko Miura,  Yoko Mazuki, Yoko Wakatsuki


The season is still deep in winter, and I can't wait for spring life.


In January 2016, Gallery NAO MASAKI

The curtain opens with the story of "Hana(flower)" by three female artists.

Sometimes it's graceful, sometimes it's dignified, and sometimes it accepts everything.

The existence of "flowers" that are a symbol of strength, softness and femininity.

Glass, photographs, paintings, and expressions are in harmony with ambivalence.

It blooms secretly in the space ... I think of the scene.

Follow ________ Photo by Yoko Mayuki  

___Picture, Yoko Wakatsuki

Scoop _____ Glass, Setuko Miura  


Photo: Yoko Mazuki

Born in Aichi prefecture Lives in Tokyo

The time, signs, and scents captured by the tactile sensation of the skin, such as self-portraits in the old Japanese house where the human body was born, and the "inner plants" that the human body naturally has, are expressed by photographs in galleries around the world. And announced at the art space. In addition, he started producing video works when he stayed in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2002 . Starting with the announcement of a video installation at the Nagoya City Museum of Art in 2003, he has expanded his activities to include video production of music, performance, and theater.

< Major solo exhibition>

1997 Mizukage The Third Gallery Aya / Osaka

2000  Plants Gallery Past Rays / Yokohama

  a priori Gallery NAF / Nagoya

2002  Innocence Atelier am Eck / Dusseldorf

2010  Stopping by waterside ~ At Nagisa ~ Gallery Kai / Osaka

2012  floating sign Photo & Art Gallery  Psyche / Nagoya

2013  a priori innerplants Gallery Sokyusha / Tokyo

2015   floating sign Gallery Sokyusha / Tokyo

     floating sign epSITE / Tokyo

<Major group exhibition>

2000 CHRONO-GRAPH Kyoto Art Center / Kyoto

2001 Osaka Triennale 2001 CASO / Osaka

  Dusseldorf-Kansai German Cultural Center Special Award

2003 Position of Contemporary Art 2003 Nagoya City Museum of Art / Nagoya

2008   Ogaki Biennale 2008 Ogaki

2009 Van de Nagoya Art Exhibition 2009 "Finder" Nagoya Citizen's Gallery Yada / Nagoya



<Photobook etc.>

2013 a priori innerplants Sokyusha

2014 FOIL Vol.4 FOIL

<Public collection>


Picture  :   Yoko Wakatsuki

Born in Aichi prefecture in 1959. Completed the major course at Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design in 1981. In the same year, he belonged to the print studio Aiueo, but after giving birth, he temporarily abandoned the production of copperplate prints. After that, he produced and announced Tableau and wood engraving.

2011 Kanae Yamamoto Triennale Excellence Award / 2015 Chosei Kawakami Woodblock Exhibition Jury Special Award


Glass,  Setsuko Miura

Born in Aichi prefecture Lives in Nagano prefecture

After studying abroad in England, Iceland, Czech Republic, and the United States from 1986, he produced and presented in Japan.

1989 Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship / 1991 Kanazawa Craft Award Exhibition Selected / 1996 Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition Selected ('97)

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