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Mami Hasegawa

Various spoons


Mami Hasegawa, a female goldsmith. She is a brilliant person who manages all the miscellaneous tasks of Kazushige Hasegawa. She has a great sense of balance, and while she was wondering why she had such a good taste, she produce unique spoons in a moment. Focusing on the tools that will make your dining table fun, and even the many accessories that fans must see, this time as well, they will fascinate us with their superb skill and moderation.

Nao Masaki

 Mami Hasegawa

Born in AICHI

1969 graduated from Waseda University, majored in literature.

1971 graduated from Tokyo Craft design, metal courses.

1976 studied under (Decd) Hasegawa Ichibousai Shunkou.

Since 1984 Has been performing various One-woman exhibitions all over Japan.

At Gallery  NAO MASAKI )

<Solo exhibition>

2008 "Motif and design by chisel"

<Special Exhibition>

2009 "Egypt Return Exhibition"

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