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Mami Hasegawa

Motif and design by chisel


Looking into the workplace of the Hasegawa family, a metalworker who has been handed down from before Tokugawa, I was fascinated by the many tools that are still being created for generations.

One of them is a small wedge-shaped iron tool called a chisel. The tip has various shapes, and it is used when striking it to carve or cut off a pattern. When you open the small drawer, it is packed tightly from the shiny and shiny ones that have been used up to the elders' faces that seem to have been reduced in number recently. It can be selected and used according to the purpose, and the number is said to well exceed 1,000.


From simple and clean patterns to her accessories and vessels with fun motifs. Design that attracts many people, delicate carving work. The style based on such carving is born through the chisel.

★ This time, a series of classical motifs inspired by ancient amulets and constellations suitable for the summer night sky will also appear.

Nao Masaki

​ Mami Hasegawa

Born in AICHI

1969 graduated from Waseda University, majored in literature.

1971 graduated from Tokyo Craft design, metal courses.

1976 studied under (Decd) Hasegawa Ichibousai Shunkou.

Since 1984 Has been performing various One-woman exhibitions all over Japan.

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